VHF Radios vs CB


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Rugged Relay Vehicle Breakdown

Rugged Relay Vehicle

Rugged Radios is excited to announce the new purpose-built Rugged Relay Vehicle. The Rugged Relay Vehicle is designed to provide the best race communication relay services to teams and drivers competing in the Best In The Desert off road racing series.

The Rugged Relay is a state-of-the-art communication vehicle built to travel to remote locations and provide critical race team View more....

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2016 Ultra4 Metalcloak Stampede

2016 Ultra4 Metalcloak Stampede

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VHF and UHF Explained



This may qualify under the heading of “more than you need to know”, but if you’re curious to understand the nuances of radio communications, you may find this helpful.

When it comes to choosing the right radio, one of the most difficult decisions to make is which bandwidth to utilize. The two major wavelengths used in vehicle to vehicle, or View more....

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Lucas Oil Off Road Series – Round 1-2

Lucas Oil Off Road Series - Round 1-2

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