Month: May 2020

Basic Radio Etiquette

Using proper radio etiquette is more than just about being polite. It’s also about making sure your communications are clear, concise, and understood.

Conversations can be heard by anyone monitoring the same frequency and in many cases, you’re not the only person or group using that frequency.

To keep frequency use clean and available to use by as many as View more....

5 Easy Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Two-Way Radio

1. Charge your batteries
Battery voltage affects transmit range. A fully charged battery will give you the most transmit power and as your charge level drops, so does your transmit range.  If you find yourself transmitting a ton and consuming batteries faster than you’d like, upgrade to a larger capacity battery.  

Be Ready For Anything: Keep the original battery View more....

Maximizing the Range of Two-Way Radios: Upgrades, Tips, and Tricks

We are consistently asked the question “What is the range of this radio?”, but the answer is far from simple. The range of a two-way radio can vary depending on terrain, indoor or outdoor usage, the radio’s power, weather, and even the curvature of the Earth. As a result, It can be difficult to determine the real world range View more....

Installation Procedure Guide

Whether you’re installing a radio or intercom system on your own or you’re a race team or fabricator, the end result is the same — you want to do it right.

Rugged Radios has put together a critical support installation guide to help you get your communications equipment installed correctly and get the best audio performance in your intercom system View more....