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Tech Tip: Proper Installation of Your Intercom System

2-way radios and intercom systems can be a very useful tool while off-road riding. In order for them to perform at their best, they must be installed properly. Below, Rugged Radios has gathered some useful information to help with the process of installing a 2-way radio and intercom system.

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Analog vs. Digital 2-Way Radios

Digital 2-way radios are gaining in popularity over their analog counterparts, but that does not always mean they are the best tool for the job at hand. Let’s explore the differences between the two, especially as they apply to racing applications.

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Getting Grounded with Ground Straps

Proper grounding of your communications system will improve overall performance and reduce excess RF noise from charging systems, HID lights, power steering, electrical accessories, alternator, poor wiring, or other random electrical sources.

Simple ground straps secured to your RM-60 Radio and intercom can improve range and audio clarity to deliver reliable communications ride after ride.

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How to Use an SWR Meter

In this Tech Tip video, Rugged Radios provides you a crash course in the basics of using an SWR meter to test the power and performance of your 2-way radio and antenna. With a basic understanding, you can test your radio setup to ensure the best performance. This is the same procedure we use when testing race vehicles and installations,

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Helmet Kit Installation

componentsA helmet kit is basically a set of speakers and a microphone that installs into your helmet. Helmets that are outfitted with helmet kits are referred to as “wired”. With a wired helmet plugged into an intercom or radio, you’re able to speak with other wired helmets without having to stop and remove your helmet. There are a few different View more....

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