High Fidelity Music with the New RRP660 PLUS Intercom

RRP660 Plus Bluetooth Offroad Intercom

RRP660 Plus Bluetooth Offroad Intercom

The new Rugged RRP660 PLUS intercom takes high fidelity music and cell phone control to a new level. Based off the Rugged platform, the 660 PLUS intercom features built-in amplified high-fidelity Bluetooth, one touch music play/pause button, action camera record port, and cell-phone control switch with call connect/disconnect for the best in audio performance and ease of use.

Once paired to your cell phone the 660 Plus takes control. Answer a call or pause the music with the simple one touch button. Select between auto muting music or cell phone communications with the front panel switch. The 660 PLUS will also auto pair every time you turn on your intercom.

• Amplified high-fidelity Bluetooth for music streaming
• Music/Cell phone control switch
• One touch music Play/Pause control
• Cell phone connect/disconnect button
• Action camera record port to capture in-car conversation
• Remote waterproof dual-port backlit USB charger
• Double stacked knob provides volume and VOX control
• 4-person ready, expandable to 8 or more
• 2-way radio ready for car to car communications

Additionally every 660 PLUS comes with a waterproof dual USB port to keep your devises charged up and ready action. Simply plugs inline with intercom power to eliminate ground loop or power noise issues.

Easy to use and outstanding performance takes the offroad communication system to a new level. Take control and enjoy the ride with the RRP660 PLUS intercom. High Fidelity Music with the New RRP660 PLUS Intercom

MSRP: $599 | Shop Intercom | Shop Complete Kits

The RRP660 PLUS is offered as a standalone intercom, or packaged in complete prepackaged kits with helmet kits, headsets and even the new RM-60 60-Watt mobile radio for the ultimate communication package.


RRP660 PLUS with 60-Watt RM-60

RRP660 PLUS with Helmet Kits and 25-Watt RM-25

RRP660 PLUS with Helmet Kits and 25-Watt RM-25

RRP660 PLUS 2-Person Helmet Kit System

RRP660 PLUS 2-Person Helmet Kit System


RRP660 PLUS 4-Person Helmet Kit System with 60-Watt RM-60 and AlphaBass Headsets

RRP660 PLUS 4-Person Headset Kit System with 25-Watt Radio

RRP660 PLUS 4-Person Headset Kit System with 25-Watt Radio and Ultimate Headsets

RRP660 PLUS 2-Person AlphaBass Headset System

RRP660 PLUS 2-Person Headset Kit System with 60-Watt Radio and AlphaBass Headsets

6 comments on “High Fidelity Music with the New RRP660 PLUS Intercom
  1. Jeff Robinson says:

    Yes it does. I am going to need a kit that is just car to car (no intercome)
    I believe it’s the intercome that is picking up power steering noise. Is that possible?
    I am going to discontent intercome and see if car to car will still work with out picking up power steering noise.
    If that fails only way out is change radios or change power steering brand.

    • Rugged says:

      I am aware of a power steering issue that’s better answered by one of our techs. I would suggest giving us a call and asking for our tech department. I’m reluctant to comment more since I don’t know the specifics myself.

  2. Jeff Robinson says:

    I have the 660 package car to car and intercom system.
    Can I run the radio car to car system only and discontent the in car intercom ?

    • Rugged says:

      Jeff, well, you could technically, but at that that point it’s just a mobile radio in the vehicle; what we call a Base/Chase Kit. You wouldn’t have the PTT buttons or radio connection to your headset or helmet kit because you’ve disconnected it. Does that make sense?

  3. JEFF ROBISNON says:

    I have a 660 package for my 800 4 seat RZR
    I add radio after putting power steering in car.
    Now the problem is static in radio every time I turn!! In a perfect world I would one go in straight line radio would work!
    I have talked to tec support and was told to put filter in (done)
    same thing.
    Was told to use FARADAY blocking foil (Done) Same thing.
    Check Ground It’s run to battery POS also to Battery antenna away from any other wiring. Radio installed according to instructions.

    Called Power steering manufacture No help (never heard of such a thing) was told to call Rugged radio. Have Done several times. I am at end of rope don’t know where to turn. Paid $1,200 for radio can’t use. Paid $800. for power steering which one do I get rid of!
    Very frustrating can any one help?
    I have radio taken out of car now. Am I the only one who has ever had this problem?

    • Rugged says:

      Jeff, I took your issue to a couple guys here and by now, someone from Rugged should have followed up with you directly on a couple options and/or solutions. If not, let me know, please.

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