San Marcos, CA (1/30/17) 14 year old Seth Quintero made a strong statement going into his first desert race of his young career this past weekend at the District 38 SXS season opener in Plaster City, Ca.

Saturday’s 81 mile race was a dead engine land rush start done in three 27 mile loops with all the different terrain that the desert has to offer. High speed areas, long whoop sections, along with silt and sand sections making it for a fun but technical race.

Driving his Stock Factory Polaris RZR 1000 built by CageWRX, Quintero was running on a waiver. Despite this being his first desert race and younger than most of the field he finished 1st in the Pro Stock 1000 class and 2nd overall in a field of Pro Stock 1000 and Pro Production 1000 classes.

“Desert racing has always been a dream of mine” says Quintero. “While I enjoy short course racing desert racing is in my blood. I’m not old enough or experienced enough yet to race a BITD or SCORE race so when we heard District 38 has SXS racing we thought it would be the perfect place to get my feet wet. My Dad raced dirt bikes there when I was younger and my parents really liked the family friendly atmosphere so we presented our idea to the District 38 President who in return talked to the AMA board along with some of the SXS racers and they decided to let me race on a waiver. I am very grateful for the opportunity.”

Quintero started on the second line behind the Pro Production class. “When the Pro Production class took off they left a huge cloud of dust so I knew getting the hole shot was going to be key for the best air and visibility” says Quintero.

While getting the hole shot was achieved the unknown of what Quintero and his co-driver was still to lie ahead. “The first lap we wanted to feel my Polaris RZR 1000 out. We hadn’t had a chance to shake the car down at all before the race so it was key for me to get used to it and make smart decisions on which lines to take to not hurt the RZR before we could really open her up” says Quintero. “The terrain was really rough out there especially in the whoop sections but the stock Walker Evans Shocks helped us perfectly along with my CageWRX arms.”

The second lap Quintero and his copilot had a better feeling for the car and found the smoother and faster lines. “The track was rough but with the help of my copilot and the rugged radios in car intercom we were able to communicate to make the best decisions on which lines to choose which defiantly helped to pick up the pace. When we were about 5 miles out when my co driver radioed in to the pit crew letting them know we were coming in and we need to fuel up. With 2nd place fast on my heals it needed to be a fast pit stop and that’s exactly what my pit crew accomplished. In under a minute they had me fueled and had me racing back out in to the desert for my final lap” says Quintero.

On the last lap Quintero had gotten passed after race mile seven. “We had passed the first checkpoint heading into the second major whoop section when second place had gotten us. I remembered through the whoops section on the left there was a faster line that was a little bit rockier but smoother. Thanks to my BFGoodrich tires and SuperATV axles I was able to get through that section which kept me going strong and I was able to regain the lead!”

Quintero had come up the second checkpoint with a demanding lead and also second overall. Quintero and his copilot made the final push to the finish. “We did not see second and with the worries that he was not far behind we made the final push through the mud hills and to the finish.” says Quintero. Quintero and his copilot had come through the finish line first in class and second physical position overall. “Coming through the finish was just a sign of relief and joy. We had completed this long and grueling course. I didn’t expect to win my first time out. I was there to just finish and to not only learn my Polaris RZR 1000 but also to prove to myself and some others that I could do it. The win was defiantly a bonus! It amazes me how well a stock Polaris that had never been driven could go out and rip through the desert like that. It is one bad machine and I’m so honored to be a part of Polaris Factory Family!”

“None of this would be possible if it weren’t for the awesome people and companies that support me! Says Quintero. “Thank you my family, friends, pit crew, and amazing partners that support me and give me the opportunity to do what I love. Looking forward to many more desert races in the future!”

Quintero and his CageWRX built Factory Polaris RZR will be back in the desert February 25th for the King of The Desert race in Plaster City West.

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