RRP510 2-Person Race Intercom (Clearance)

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RRP510 2-Person Race Intercom (Clearance)

Brand new and unopened. The RRP510 is a feature rich racing intercom from Rugged Radios. This classic legacy intercom returns in limited quantities to provide driver and co-driver the best in communications. Brand new and unopened - the RRP510 is a premier racing intercom.

Live mic operation provides constant in-car communication. Auto Volume switch allows you to choose between automatic volume adjustment or manual volume adjustment. 

Additional features include a Driver Isolate Switch. Turned “ON”, all radio communications will be directed to the co-driver, allowing the driver to focus on driving. Dual volume controls allow independent volume adjustments for driver/co-driver.

Further performance adjustments can be made to speaker gain, radio gain, and cell.

The RRP510 is two-way radio ready and will accept handheld or mobile units. The rear AUX port provides a wide range of additional options including: music, smart phones, GoPro cameras, GPS, or satellite phones.

For Molex accessories compatible with this intercom please give us a call: 888-541-7223

The RRP510 Intercom delivers powerful performance on a competitive level. Developed for extreme offroad race vehicles, the RRP510 is the intercom for Trophy Trucks, Class 1, and Ultra4.

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