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Intercom PTT to Car Harness Push to Talk (PTT) 6" Adapter


This adapter features a 3-pin male connector on each end. It's designed to convert PTT buttons with a 3-pin female end to connect into racing communication harnesses such as:

  • Offroad Single Seat Car Harness (#CH-0-SC)
  • NASCAR / Circle Track 3-Conductor Long Car Harness (#CH-N-2)
  • IMSA 4-Conductor Nexus Road Race Long Car Harness (#CH-I-2)
  • Offroad 4-Conductor Long Car Harness (#CH-O-2)
  • NASCAR / Circle Track 3-Conductor Short Car Harness (#CH-NS-2)

For use with the following PTT's to CH-O, CH-O-SC, CH-N, CH-I, car harnesses:

  • PTT-VM2-SC
  • PTT-HM-SC-12
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