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Trail Rider Kit without Handheld Radio

$110.00 $88.00

Trail Rider Kit without Handheld Radio
Rugged Radios trail rider accessories kit. This kit allows you to mount a RH-5R or V3 5-watt handheld radio to your dash or roll bar and use it like a mobile radio. Large Ducky antenna helps increase range, while the battery eliminator makes sure you always have power to the radio.

This kit is perfect for Jeeps, Toyota Trucks, 4x4 vehicles, trail vehicles, ranch vehicles, or even a motor home where you might be traveling with a group of friends. Get rid of that CB radio, and get a V3 Radio today!

Kit Includes:
  • Long range ducky antenna with SMA female connector
  • Hand mic / speaker for RH-5R or V3
  • 12v Battery eliminator for Rugged RH-5R or V3 radio
  • Radio mount for RH-5R or V3 handheld radio
*Handheld Radio is not included!
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  1. How do you add a frequency?

  2. Will the V3 radio talk with other radios?
    • The V3 handheld radio will communicate with all UHF and VHF analog radios that Rugged Radios offers.

  3. What is the range of the V3 handheld radios?
    • The V3 handheld radios will transmit one to three miles depending on terrain and battery power.

  4. Why can’t I transmit on some channels?
    • The V3 is programmed with some listen only channels identified by an L before the channel name.
    • These channels are listen only because they are used by emergency services. If you have friends using these channels, please let them know about this.

  5. How do I differentiate between VHF and UHF channels?
    • UHF channels are labeled as such. Example: UHF-1. All other channels are VHF.

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