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Communications for Jeep

For your Jeep, Land Cruiser, SUV, or offroad vehicle, Rugged Radios has a wide range of 2-way communication solutions. From standard 4-watt CB's to far more powerful 25-watt and 50-watt VHF radios, Rugged Radios can cover a lot of ground for you.

Because of the many benefits of VHF radios over CB, we're obviously a little biased, but watch the video at right and then decide for yourself what's the best option for your Wrangler, CJ, FJ, Cherokee, SUV, Land Rover, or any offroad vehicle!

Our staff here is eager to help, so if you have any questions about radios, performance, or what might be best for your needs, please give us a call. From short excursions to long adventures, stay in touch and cover the distance with powerful, high performance 2-way radio communications from Rugged Radios.