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Firetruck Intercoms

Fire Truck Intercoms

Rugged Fire / Safety intercom systems feature Quick Lock™ intercom cables that easily lock the Fire / Safety headset jack boxes to intercoms. Manufactured to high standards, Rugged Quick Lock™cables are RF resistant, high bend test capable, and strain reliefed connectors. Quick Lock™ makes the job fast, easy and reliable. Rugged intercoms offer true Clear Audio performance with heavily filtered noise cancelling microphones and the latest in curcuit board technology.

RRP100 Multi Radio Interface

RRP100 Multi Radio Interface

The RRP100 easily connects 3 mobile or handheld radios and a cell phone to any Rugged intercom system. Powerful clear communications, rugged design,...
Sale: $524.25
 YOU SAVE: $174.75 
RRP800 Fire / Safety Intercom

RRP800 Fire / Safety Intercom

Powerful clear communications, rugged design, and quick and easy to install! Rugged with the easy locking cables, connect 2 to 6 crew and 2 pump...
Sale: $540.00
 YOU SAVE: $180.00 
Jack Box 600

Jack Box 600

  Rugged Quick Lock™ jack box with single Firecom 5-Pin jack and easy install daisy chain in and out connectors for adding additional...
Sale: $86.25
 YOU SAVE: $28.75 

Jack Box 611

Jack Box 611

  Rugged Quick Lock™ Engineer jack box with single Firecom 5-pin jack, dual radio A/B switch with waterproof push to talk, and easy...
Sale: $96.75
 YOU SAVE: $32.25 
Jack Box 635

Jack Box 635

  Rugged Quick Lock™ Dual Crew jack box with dual Firecom-5-pin jacks, and easy install daisy chain in and out connectors for adding...
Sale: $108.75
 YOU SAVE: $36.25 
Jack Box 640

Jack Box 640

  Rugged Quick Lock™ Medic jack box with single Firecom 5-pin jack, additional mobile or handheld radio connection port with waterproof...
Sale: $146.25
 YOU SAVE: $48.75