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Complete Kits w/Radio

The intercom is the "hub" of your communications providing connectivity to headsets or helmet kits to you and your passengers. With these kits, you can connect your iPhone or MP3 player to stream music, connect a 2-way radio to talk with other vehicles, or enjoy the features of a VOX intercom for auto-music muting when you speak. Systems are offered with helmet kits, behind-the-head headsets or over-the-head headsets.

If you love the idea of a BTH headset, but you live or ride where helmets are required, you may want to opt for the DOT approved Simpson OTW helmet. This 1/2 helmet is specifically designed to work in conjunction with BTH headset to keep you legal.

If you're just looking for an in-car solution only, check out these 2-person or 4-person systems without the car-2-car radio.