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Dura-Link Seal *NEW

New Rugged Dura-Link Seal

The Dura-Link Seal is a new molded design now featured on all Rugged helmet kits. This design was created to seal the connection between the intercom cable and helmet kit plug. Sealing this connection point, it is now protected from water, mud, and dirt which can affect audio performance.

The Dura-Link Seal works with current Rugged off-road intercom cables, and is now featured on all Rugged Offroad helmet kits.
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Race Team Inspiration

The Dura Link Seal design was inspired through conversations with Rugged race teams.
Several drivers and co-drivers occasionally experienced loud squealing sounds coming through the intercom system during a rain storm or immediately after crossing a river. 
The issue was narrowed down to water getting into the connection between the intercom cable and helmet kit plug. To fix this issue, many teams were wrapping tape around the connection to protect water from splashing onto it. This worked great, but if a co-driver had to exit the truck, they were back to having exposed wiring.
After a few weeks of product development, Rugged Radios developed the Dura-Link Seal. This new plug design shields water and dirt from reaching the contacts and affecting the intercom audio. No more exposed cable, no more squeal from water splashing onto the cables!
From race team to product development, Rugged Radios was able to fix an issue and create a new product line that will help many race teams in the future.

rugged radios water resistant dura link seal


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