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Radio Licensing

Radio Licensing

Rugged Two-way radios operate on radio frequencies that are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). A license is required to transmit on these frequencies.

To ensure our customers are operating in compliance of FCC Rules and Regulations, Rugged Radios has licensed:
• 10 nation-wide commercial band frequencies (35 Watt)
• 60 area-specific commercial band frequencies (60-Watt)

These frequencies/channels are available to transmit for business, recreational, or race use. For a list of channels and areas licensed, please click here:

Under this FCC license, Rugged Radios' customers are authorized to transmit on Rugged brand mobile and handheld radios only, on the pre-programmed channels, in the locations designated by its license.

Rugged Licensing covers these radios:

Rugged is continually furthering this license. If you’d like to see a new area licensed, call us at (888) 541-7223.

For radio programming software and information, contact RT Systems.

RT Systems

To apply for your own frequency / channel, contact Forest Industries.

Forest Industries Telecommunications