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American Rocksports Challenge
Wayland Campbell at the Ultra 4 American Rocksports ChallengeShannon Campbell at the Ultra 4 American Rocksports ChallengeShannon Campbell at the Ultra 4 American Rocksports ChallengeNick Campbell at the Ultra 4 American Rocksports Challenge
Shannon Campbell - Vegas to Reno 2012
Shannon Campbell - Vegas to Reno 2012
Shannon Campbell - Vegas to Reno 2012
Shannon Campbell - King of the Hammers 2012 / Chocolate Thunder
Shannon Campbell


June 29, 2015

The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Announces the 2015 Class of Inductees

Reno, Nev. (June 29, 2015) – The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame (ORMHOF) announced today the 2015 Class of Inductees.  Shannon Campbell, Chris Collard, Michael Gaughan, Curt LeDuc and Jerry Penhall will have their names added to the venerable list of those who have committed their lives to the off-road community.

The five Inductees’ widespread accomplishments cover a number of arenas in the sport of off-road racing, and include a member for the first time ever in rock crawling; all have been pioneers in the industry, journalism and advocacy.  Their legacies will be celebrated and displayed for the public, in Gallery Four within the famed National Automobile Museum – the Harrah Collection – located in Reno, Nev.  They join names synonymous with the sport including Parnelli Jones, Malcolm Smith, Rob MacCachren, Larry Roeseler, Walker Evans, and Rod Hall, as well as many others who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make the sport prosper and grow.

The Class of 2015 was chosen by a twelve-member voting panel on the basis of significant contribution to off-road motorsports- beyond wins and sport affiliation. 

All nominees must have at least fifteen years of experience and involvement, as well as have built, designed, driven, maintained, owned, prepared, piloted, promoted, or ridden an off-road vehicle or supported the off-road industry.  They are characterized by their desire to win, the mastery of their field, and their courage to innovate.  Each Inductee has made a significant contribution to off-road motorsports in at least one of the following aspects: Business, History, Design, Engineering, Prestige of the Sport, and/or Growth of the Sport.

This year’s Induction Ceremonies will be held on Monday, November 2, 2015, at the South Point Hotel, in Las Vegas, Nevada.  For further information, visit the ORMHOF website: or email at


Shannon Campbell unknowingly started his career by winning the inaugural Four Wheeler Magazine Top Truck Challenge, in 1996.  He then went on to dominate various rock crawling/ rock racing events, such as W.E. Rock, Dirt Riot, Best in the Desert, Ultra 4 and many more.  However, before these wins, Shannon realized his love for off-road motorsports and built his Jeep to conquer challenging terrain and to go places others could not. In 2002, Campbell showed his ingenuity when he debuted his IFS buggy, and later by going full “Ironman”,  when he introduced a single-seat rig.  Shannon has been on the cutting-edge of rock sports for nearly 20 years and now is teaching his son, Wayland, and daughter, Bailey, the ropes of being a well-rounded person in the sport- as a driver, builder/ fabricator and a big-picture thinker.


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June 29, 2015

Shannonigans Episode 1

February 19, 2015

Campbell Racing KOH Videos

Campbell Family Racing: KOH 2015




Monster Energy: King of the Hammers 2015


February 12, 2015

Campbell Racing at KOH '15

Although King of the Hammers is only 1 week, getting 3 cars to Johnson Valley starts months in advance. After 4 days of pre-running and working out the bugs on the cars, the first day of qualifying was on Tuesday. The #35az of Bailey Campbell and Co-driver Ryan Miller had a good run and would start in the middle of the pack. The second day of Qualifying was on Wednesday where Shannon, Wayland and co-driver Jason Berger would be running during the Power Hour. Wayland and Jason qualified 36th and would start in the 18th row. Shannon was on fire with a run that would surely put him at the front, but hitting a rock straight on sent him sideways. He was able to recover but lost valuable time putting him in the 5th row. Thursday night the crew took one last look at the cars, they checked off everything on the pre-race checklist and it was lights out. Race morning came fast and it was time to head to the start line. Two by two each driver left the line and headed out into the wide open desert. Going on lap 2- Shannon was the first one through the Campbell Racing/Nitto Tires pit and took on fuel and headed back out. Shortly after, Wayland and Jason pulled in for a quick look over and a splash of fuel. Bailey and Ryan had limped into Pit 1 with a cooling issue thanks to our pit crew it was an easy fix and they were back on the course headed to Main. Shannon and Wayland were on the move towards the front of the pack. Coming down Sledgehammer Shannon smelled transmission fluid and had to bypass the cooler. Wayland continued on to Jackhammer were the winch line was pulled and they quickly made it through. With the help of Lucas Murphy and his Co-driver, Shannon cleared Jackhammer. At Crowbar Shannon made the pass on Wayland and they headed to Main pit. Pulling into Main Pit only to take on fuel, Bailey and Ryan headed out on lap 2. Bailey had a clean run until pulling up to the traffic jam at Jackhammer. Sitting in line for 3 hours was going to put her a little behind schedule for the 10pm cut off. Bailey said, “At this point it was about being patient.”Thanks to Jeremy Hammer and Rob Butler for the assistance Bailey got through Jack and the #35az car made quick work of the last few rock trails and were headed back to Main Pit to go out on their final lap. Lap 3- Shannon and Wayland pulled into Main Pit within seconds of each other and both headed to Backdoor. Pulling into Backdoor Shannon realized he had a faulty relay on the compressor and would have to direct wire it to the battery. Pulling aside he let Wayland and Jason by. Playing it safe Jason was out of the car and pulled the winch with ease. Once repairs were made Shannon made an easy pull up Backdoor with his WARN winch. Pushing through Resolution, Shannon was on a mission to chase down the leaders. Exiting Outerlimits, Shannon knew his transmission wouldn’t make another trail. He made the decision to call his race and remain out at the remote pits.

Wayland and Jason in the #3az were on the homestretch and would cross the finish line in 4th place. Even after being told they would not finish before the cut-off of 10:00 p.m., Bailey and Ryan persevered on to finish this grueling race. After completing Spooners and Outerlimits Ryan could tell Bailey was running out of steam and was not about to let her give up. They were a team and would finish this race as a team. Squeezing into the driver seat at Emereson Lake, Ryan would try and make up some time. Bailey got back in the driver’s seat at Crowbar to make the final trek to the finish line. Both Wayland and Bailey crossed the finishline on the same tires they started with. The attrition rate at KOH 2015 was higher than any previous race with 129 starters and only 17 finishers. All in all this was an amazing race with many people to Thank. Thank you first and foremost to our team. The Campbell Racing Team is made up of family and friends who take time off of work to come out and support us, even into the wee hours of the night. This endeavor would not be possible without every individual that is involved.

Thank you to our Marketing Partners who support us with the best products available. The Hammerking Staff, media and the volunteers who stayed out until the very last car was off course.

Race Team:
Ryan Miller, Jason Berger, Rob Finelli, Chris Hines, Chad Hummer, Ben Pettersen, Mike Dieu, Bryan Meyers, Harley Smith, Jake Eberhart, Jason Spiess, Justin Fletcher, Glen Hixenbaugh, Rick Somers, Kyle Depugh, Larry Corum SR. Matt Fennemore, Scott Wagner, Matt Hinitt, Larry Corum, Doug Steele, Todd Wilson, Tom, Ron Romero, Eli Cude, Ryan, Nathan, Dustin Smith, Brent Lambeth, Wyatt, Trevor and Andrew.

Marketing Partners:
Monster Energy, Nitto Tires, Currie Enterprises, ARB, Airlockers, WARN Industries, Dynomax Performance Exhaust, Howe Performance, ProAm Racing, Fox Shox, Hughes Performance, Ron Davis Racing Products, Advance Adapters, TurnKey Engine Supply, Walker Evans Racing, Trailworthy Fab, Arizona Driveshaft, Mastercraft Safety, QTM brakes, Rugged Radios, KC Hilites, Motive Gear, PAC Springs, Tireballs, Arrowlane, Powertank, Grizzly Coolers, Justice Brothers, Southwest Ground Control, Dirtskins, Custom Coaters of Mesa, Allstart Electric, SDHQ, Arizona Undertakers



August 4, 2014

Glen Helen Ultra4 Recap Video

July 3, 2014

Shannon Campbell Repeats Win at Badlands

More than 40 ULTRA4 cars came to compete at The Ultimate Motorsports Championship last weekend at Badlands Off-Road Park in Attica, IN.  The race has grown nearly 70% in the last 3 years and has become a true battle of East meets West on some of the harshest terrain the 2014 ULTRA4 season has to offer. The fastest drivers from the East included; Erik Miller, Derek West, Bill Baird and Chicky Barton.  Drivers from the west included; Shannon Campbell,  Loren Healy,  Wayland Campbell and Tom Wayes.  After two and a half brutal hours of racing, Shannon Campbell  lead by two laps over Mike Colville, making him the ULTRA4 winner at the Badlands for the 2nd year in a row.Shannon Campbell Ultra4 Badlands

Erik Miller claimed pole position after qualifying fastest Saturday morning with Shannon Campbell qualifying just 3 hundredths of a second behind him. The main race saw the drivers taking the green flag one car every 10 seconds. Drivers first had to conquer several rain-drenched man-made obstacles in the amphitheater before heading out onto the 5 mile course. From rock walls to sand dunes, to tight, tree-lined straight-aways, Badlands offers terrain that puts the toughest of the ULTRA4 cars to the test. This year’s course was made even more challenging by several torrential downpours on Saturday that cleared up just before the green flag dropped.

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June 10, 2014

Stampede on the Prairie

Campbell Racing/Team Monster Energy along with 100 confirmed racers took to the 2 mile track at the Prairie City SVRA Park for the Ultra4 Metalcloak Stampede June 6th & 7thin what most would say would be an Epic all out battle. Temperatures were on the rise as the Campbell Racing Team put in some practice laps to set start positions for the heat races Friday afternoon. Monster Energy driver Shannon Campbell would qualify 6th with Wayland Campbell and Jason Berger in 20th. The afternoon sun would turn up the heat on the racers, topping 100 degrees as the qualifying heats began. In row 1 of the first heat Shannon was on the throttle. Staying out front and easily winning his heat, advancing him to the Main event Saturday.  Wayland and Jason started 2nd row in the fifth heat, took the inside line into the first rock section closing the gap on the leader and would finish in 2nd place and advance to the Main.  The Campbell crew checked out the cars and made a few changes in preparation for the high heat and stacked field of 25 cars. The Monster Machines were ready to take the green flag and hopefully a win.  The #5az of Shannon Campbell would start in the front row next to the only other 2x KING, Loren Healy and #3az Wayland Campbell and Jason Berger would start in the 5th row. As the cars rounded the corner toward the start line, the crowd was on their feet awaiting the green flag and what was sure to be one great race.  The green flag waved and Shannon would go high on the bank into turn 1, overtaking Healy as they headed towards the first rock section. With Shannon taking a smooth right line, Healy drove hard to the left, dropping down inside of Shannon into the turn exiting the rocks. Hard on the throttle, both cars left the corner side by side as the remainder of the field chased, with Wayland holding position in the middle of the pack.  Shannon would pull away from Healy as they went to the back side of the course, opening up his lead. Healy would keep chasing, attacking the rock sections.

Wayland and Co-driver Jason were still running mid pack after passing a few cars, but would suffer from extreme heat as the car went into limp mode. Just after the half way point the full course yellow was brought out. Bunching the cars back together, this is when the real racing would begin. Holding the lead for 11 laps, Campbell jumped back out front on the restart. Exiting the rock section, Shannon would bike up on 2 wheels, turning off the course and successfully save the car from rolling. Now off the side of the track and pointing away from the turn, he jumped on the throttle and into a 180. Pointed back toward the course in a cloud of dust, he watched his lead get taken away. Shannon drove into the tall grass at the end of the turn in a hurried pace to get back on course.  What he couldn’t see was the partially buried metal railing in the small patch of tall grass.  The #5az car went over the railing and suffered mechanical damage leaving the car with 0-wheel drive, ending Shannon’s chance to capture the win.  Wayland and Jason were not far back, still struggling with cooling issues, but holding their own and still moving.  When the dust settled, Wayland would drive fast enough when he could, fighting his way to a 9th place finish.  The battle at the end is where Shannon would have liked to have been but racing is racing. Congratulations to Tom Wayes on a well deserved 1st place finish,  2nd place Loren Healy and 3rd place Jake Hallenbeck.
Oct. 3, 2013

Monster Energy drivers Shannon and Wayland Campbell finish the Ultra 4 Series in 1st and 2nd

Gilbert, AZ-(Oct. 3, 2013) – In an overbooked weekend for Campbell Racing, Monster Energy drivers Shannon and Wayland Campbell finish the Ultra 4 Series in 1st and 2nd, as well as brought home additional hardware from working hard all year to stay on top.

The weekend began with the Campbell Racing team parting ways as Nick, Tammy, and Bailey headed to Cortez, CO for the W.E.Rock Grand Nationals while Shannon, Wayland, and Miller headed to Congress, AZ for the Ultra 4 National Championship race.

With brother Wayland needing to drive his Ultra 4 car to hold position in the Ultra 4 series, Bailey would pull double-duty on Saturday driving both her Pro-Mod car as well as Wayland’s Unlimited car. With Uncle Nick spotting for her, Bailey would stay calm and put both cars in a position to win after day 1 with the Pro-Mod in 3rd and the Unlimited sitting in 2nd.

While Bailey and Nick were positioning to dodge cones on technical rockcrawling courses at speeds less than 1 mph, Shannon, Wayland, and Miller were in the Arizona desert reaching speeds of 80+mph in pursuit of the checkered flag and the Ultra 4 National Championship. The starting order for the race was based on National points standings, placing the top drivers in a wild west showdown with the green flag dropping at high noon. The starting order would have 2 Campbells in the top 3, with Shannon starting 1st and Wayland starting 3rd, separated only by Loren Healy. The #5AZ car of Shannon would set the pace off the start with Loren taking chase as they separated themselves from the rest of the field early in the race. Wayland and Miller would remain in 3rd with Jason Blanton, who started 4th, hot after them and nipping at the heels of the #3AZ. After lap 1, Healy would need to pit, allowing Shannon to open up a sizable lead during lap 2 with Wayland still in 3rd, making dust and trying to hold off the hard-charging Blanton in 4th. Entering lap 3, Shannon would remain out in front with Wayland now taking position in 2nd and Blanton in 3rd due to Healy suffering from a mechanical failure. During Lap 3, Jason Scherer would make his way up through the field passing both Blanton and Wayland to move into 2nd at the halfway point of the race. Shortly after, Shannon would suffer mechanical failure of his own as he pulled off course to replace a blown steering line. Scherer would take the lead with Wayland in 2nd and Blanton in 3rd entering lap 4. As the leaders continued to pick their way through lap traffic, Shannon finished the field repair on his car and got back on course, looking to make up lost time as the championship hung in the balance. On the 5th and final lap, Shannon continued to make his way through the field and towards the front as Scherer, Wayland, and Blanton remained 1, 2, and 3. Midway through the 5th lap, Wayland and Miller caught back up to Scherer after slowly pulling away from Blanton. Scherer, who was obviously nursing his car at this point, yielded to the #3AZ as Wayland took the lead. Wayland and Miller would remain in the physical lead and take the checkered flag 1st as Shannon continued to make a push to the finish, finishing physically in 6th and leaving the championship to close to call. When all the dust settled as the sun set, Wayland and Miller would get an official 3rd place finish on corrected time with Shannon finishing 8th. With all the points added up, Shannon would be crowned the Ultra 4 National Champion with Wayland finishing in a close 2nd. Wayland would be crowned the Ultra 4 Western Region Series Champion and Shannon would finish in 2nd in the Ultra 4 Eastern Region. The Sportsman of the Year award is voted on by the driver and this year the award went to Shannon Campbell.

With no time to celebrate, Shannon, Wayland, and Miller loaded up and switched gears to head up to Cortez, CO for day 2 of the W.E.Rock Grand Nationals. Day 2 would start with Nick spotting for Bailey in the Pro-Mod car and sitting in 3rd place, with Miller spotting for Wayland in the Unlimited car and sitting in 2nd place. With the course difficulty increased, the competition heated up as both cones and the clock were the competitors biggest enemy. Bailey would struggle on her 1st course of the day trying to make a big climb, and eventually timed out. Not letting that affect her driving, she would follow up with a perfect score on the 2nd course and a clean run on the 3rd course. On the 4th course of the day, Bailey and Nick would be working a bonus gate when the car launched forward in a full wheel stand. Nick tried to get out of the way but would slip and fall on the loose ground as the car struck him in the leg. Nick would jump up and the team would still finish the course and be in 6th place going into the Shootout course to end the day. Wayland and Miller would take a perfect score on their 1st course of the day, but ran into trouble on their 2nd course. While attempting to take a bonus gate and the lead, the team would get hung up in the large rocks on the hillside, stuck and against the clock. After Miller stacked a few rocks for one last effort, Wayland was able to jockey the car free, taking out a cone as he raced through the finish gate with only 6 seconds left on the clock. The duo would take bonus gates where they could on the last 2 courses and sit in 3rd place awaiting the Shootout course to finish the day. In the Shootout course set, Bailey would be up first with dad Shannon spotting for her now. Unfortunately, Bailey’s car would suffer mechanical failure leaving the team unable to finish the course, but they did not disappoint, giving it their all for the crowd. Wayland would be 3rd to last on the Shootout course with Shannon now spotting and within reach of the lead. They would move through gates 1 and 2 and a bonus gate while hitting 3 cones. Shannon would guide Wayland through gate 3 and another bonus gate cleanly with only gate 4 remaining before the finish. Unfortunately they hit a cone on the 4th gate, pointing them out for the course. After the scores were tallied, Bailey would finish 6th in the Pro-Mod class in her first rockcrawling competition. And in a true team effort with both Bailey and Wayland as drivers, and Nick, Miller, and Shannon as spotters, the Campbell team would finish 3rd in the Unlimited class.

This has been a fantastic year for our whole team. Thank you to our Marketing Partners, family and friends for your support for the 2013 season-none of this would be possible without you!

Aug. 20, 2013

Monster Energy driver, Shannon Campbell heads to the UK

Gilbert, AZ-(August 20, 2013) It’s been a very busy but exciting Month so far. I had a great opportunity to race my car in the King of the Valleys – Wales, England but it was impossible, due to a series points race one week later here in the U.S.  I decided to take the trip across the pond anyway.  It was a fun week, had a chance to do a little sightseeing. I walked through Ragland Castle built in 1450, I thought castles were a myth but come to find out I just live on the wrong side of the world  were we have cowboys and Indians and they have Kings, Queens and Knights. Not being behind the wheel I had a chance to spectate and help some other teams with things I have learned along the way and picking up a few new ideas myself.  I met racers from many different countries such as, England, Italy, Belgium, Malta, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Scotland, Ireland, France, Netherlands and a familiar team from the U.S.-Levi Shirley & Terry Madden of Lucky Dog Racing. Due to Chris Abel’s family emergency I was promoted from spectator to co-driver qualifying with Andy Chaplin in the #7 car. Everything felt right and I was in what we would call the driver seat but I was missing a steering wheel and a gas pedal.  It was a blast.  Chris was flown in Saturday morning just before the race.  I then went from co-driver to having the honor of starting the race.  It was two days and four stages of racing on WRC rally roads, tight tree trails, treacherous mud holes and three nasty rock climbs, the only type of racing that covers every terrain, Ultra4 Racing.  After the race was over I was approached by Dave Cole and Neil Whitford with an opportunity to sweep the 24 mile course in the British car of Jim Marsden that also pulled the fastest lap during the race.  I wasn’t real sure I wanted the responsibility after Jim said, “you bent it you bought it”.  Dave said, “come on don’t be a wuss”.  I asked how you shift it, it was a bit different, Jim laughed and said, “just put it in “D” for do it”.  Dave and I were off and doing well, covering ground quickly then hit the swampy mud hole that had gobbled may cars and unfortunately us too.  It was a Kodak moment watching Dave squeeze out of the window to winch us out and get us on our way to the finish.  All I could think about is what I could build to race in the UK and how I could fit it in my schedule for next year.  It was another great experience in my life and I’m hoping to race it next year. 

Congratulations to the top five teams of: 1st-Pier Acerni (Italy), 2nd-Stephane Zosso (Switzerland), 3rd-Levi Shirley (U.S.A), 4th-Jim Marsden (UK), 5th-Kevin Mallia (Malta)

Thank you to the race organizers, volunteers and teams for your hospitality and I look forward to next year.  I would also like to send out a wish for a speedy recovery for Mario and Maurice from Malta!

Dave Cole, Shannon Welch and Bailey Cole-Thank you for letting me tag along with you. 

Sept. 21-22, 2012

Team Monster Energy gets it done at Miller Motorsports Park

Nick Campbell Secures Entry to King of the Hammers

September 24, 2012 - Gilbert, AZ - Team Monster Energy/Campbell Racing brought their best machinery to Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT for the Ultra4 American Rocksports Challenge September 21-22 and undoubtedly the trio brought the show. "It was a lot of work for all of us having three cars in this race," said Shannon Campbell. "Our goal for the weekend was to get all three cars to the checkered flag and with hope that Wayland would qualify for the 2013 King of the Hammers."

Campbell Racing had been burning the midnight oil getting the new car completed and prepping 2 other cars for this final Ultra4 race of the pro series. Finishing the car with just enough time to tune it and do some shock testing. "The car tested amazing, especially the Fox Shox, they soaked up the big whoops and I was really looking forward to seeing how they worked on the short course track!" said Shannon. Friday night new car blues left Shannon without practice time on the track. He was given the opportunity to go first in qualifying and have one lap to knock the mud off the track then line up to qualify. Knowing he had originally missed on his gear selection, he hesitated, then said, "let's GET IT" it was more important to get at least one lap before taking it at full speed. Shannon put down the second fastest time of the day (1:53.25) just behind Derek West (1:51.37). Nick Campbell (2:05.24) and Wayland Campbell in the #3az and Co-driver Ryan Miller took a time of (2:24.26). The whole team was in an excellent position to be successful for the weekend.

There were two heat races, where the top half of finishers advanced straight to the main event and the rest would have to go into a LCQ scenario. Young gun of the bunch, Wayland Campbell knew he didn't have the fastest car, so his strategy was to keep the open wheeled car on all four wheels and move it to the front. He was in the first heat race and finished strong with a 5th place finish, advancing straight to the main. Brothers Shannon and Nick were both lined up in Heat 2. Taking the green flag Shannon put the new IFS "Monster" machine to is first real test soaring over the table tops and hammering it through the rhythm section taking a commanding lead putting him on the pole for the main event. Nick Campbell in the #8 single seat King of the Hammers car kept it up in the front with a strong 4th place finish also securing a spot in the main.

As we waited for the Main our pit was packed with curious fans, spectators and competitors lining up to see Campbell Racing's new "Monster" machine and what made it so unique. "All of us enjoy talking to our fellow racers and fans about the cars and the racing," said Shannon. "It was a good time."

At 3:00pm all drivers were lined up and when the green flag dropped all you could hear was the thunder of the Dynomax Exhaust coming from the #5az. Keeping it together, Shannon Campbell stayed out front and never looked back taking the top spot on the podium. First place out of the box proves again the significance of the Campbell Racing team. Racing to the finish, the #8 of Nick Campbell would round out the top 5. Wayland and Co-Driver Ryan Miller were looking for a top ten to qualify for the 2013 King of the Hammers but on the last lap tangled with Kevin Yoder going end over end. Thanks to Mastercraft Safety, all involved walked away unharmed. Shannon immediately left the podium to make sure everyone was ok and found Wayland sitting on the K-rail disappointed and looking at the carnage. Shannon looked at Wayland and said, "That's racing and these are the mistakes we learn from. The good thing is everyone is ok." Walking back to the pits Wayland heard Dave Cole announce that both he and Kevin had received the last two qualifying spots for the 2013 King of the Hammers.

July 23, 2012

Nick Campbell takes 3rd and secures his 2013 entry into King of the Hammers

Nick Campbell Secures Entry to King of the HammersGilbert, AZ (July 23, 2012)-Campbell Racing's Nick Campbell set out to podium and qualify for the 2013 King of the Hammers and that is exactly what he did. Heading out on the track for qualifying Nick was looking for that consistent lap time that would put him in the top qualifying order. Making some shock adjustments to the car and going back out on the track he had a qualifying lap time of 6:29.66 that put him in 12th starting position. The 4Wheel Parts Gran Prix started at 7:00pm and each driver would leave the line at 5 second intervals. Pit strategy played an important part of this race because it was a 2.5 hour / run as many laps as you can race. Crews had to figure fuel mileage and pay attention to yellow flags and red flags.

Moving up and making passes Nick rolled while going through the motorcross track as he was trying to get past a lap car, course workers were able to right him and he continued on. After 3 more laps he tried to move a car out of the way and knocked his winch controller box off the front of the car which started shorting out, he had to pit to save the electronics and battery. With 30 minutes left in the race and sitting in 3rd he drove into a corner and caught the front tire of another car and landed on his side causing a small fire. Requiring some assistance he was able to get the car on its wheels. With a bent light bar and not much time Nick needed to get to the front in a hurry. Although he had to overcome a few obstacles Nick kept the car together, completed 22 laps, placed 3rd and secured a spot for the 2013 King of the Hammers.

May 22, 2012

Shannon Campbell heads to Speedworld Raceway in Surprise, AZ for rounds 5 & 6 of the LOORS Series

Nick Campbell Secures Entry to King of the HammersThe #5 Ford/ProAm/Goodyear/SDHQ Prolite battled it out in the "Dual in the Desert" in the largest class of the series. Saturday with 23 trucks qualified Campbell would be starting in the back after making contact with another truck during qualifying on Friday. Avoiding pile ups and driving through traffic, Shannon held the throttle and pulled through each corner and crossed the finish line in 7th position.

There would be no qualifying for Sunday's main event and drivers were positioned according to Saturday's finishing spot and series points and to top it off the field was inverted at 6. The #5 would be starting on the pole! Not expecting that after making so many adjustments Saturday night the whole team was nervous and excited. Coming around for the green flag Campbell jumped the table top on the front straight and would hang on to second place going into turn 1. Maintaining his 2nd place position for the first 5 laps Shannon drove hard but unfortunately suffered a mechanical issue and slowly dropped out of podium contention to finish in 13th.

Shannon said, "We are still learning. Our set ups are getting better and I'm getting used to the truck". "I am very appreciative for all of the advice and help I have gotten from my teammates and the hard work my team has done this weekend. The heat was brutal but it was worth it.".

March 2012

Shannon Campbell Signs with Rugged Radios

Shannon Campbell Signs with Rugged RadiosRugged Radios was thrilled to provide Shannon Campbell with the tech support he needed at the 2012 King of the Hammers in Johnson Valley that carried him to the podium.

After demonstrating the level of service and product performance offered by Rugged Radios,we're proud to announce that Shannon Campbell / Team Campbell Racing has selected Rugged Radios as their communication provider and sponsor. After providing tech support and communications solutions at this year's King of the Hammers, Shannon and his team members have made the switch.

Rugged Radios simply delivered, providing the equipment and support we needed that helped us to get a podium finish in the 2012 King of the Hammers," said Shannon Campbell.

Greg Cottrell of Rugged Radios commented "We are more than excited to form this partnership. We recognize the needs of serious competitors and we truly believe we are the best in the industry and it's great to know such a team of dedicated racing professionals has chosen Rugged Radios."

Matt Realy, marketing director for Rugged Radios stated "King of the Hammers was an amazing time for us. Rugged Radios took all top 4 places with Erik Miller, Rick Mooneyham, Shannon Campbell, and Derek West. It's just a great example that we're at the top of our game and the pro's know the difference."

Rugged Radios, based in San Luis Obispo, CA develops and provides complete communication products for consumers, enthusiasts, and professional race teams.

March 31-April 1, 2012

Round 1&2 Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series Firebird Raceway / Phoenix, AZ

Racing, it's a tough world. A lot of people think I'm this guy that gets to do everything, drive anything and have the best sponsors. I've just put in the hours and worked hard enough for most of that to happen. I'll admit I'm pretty good at what I do-rockcrawling, rockracing, King of the Hammers and building cars but who wants to do the same things over and over. I like to venture out and be challenged and do things different, sometimes impossible and prove people wrong.

The 4Wheel drive Class 1 and the IFS are just a couple that some said would not work. I was taught to be a leader not a follower, when I decided I wanted to get back into short course I had to decide whether or not to buy an already proven truck or design my own. I don't have a high dollar race budget but I did have the determination and sponsor backing to build one. It wasn't easy. We missed a few things but showed up for rounds 1 & 2 of the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series at Firebird Raceway and jumped in head first. After the first practice and qualifying rounds we had to do some adjusting on the front end. I was lucky enough to be pitted next to the Kimbrell Family, some of the best people I have met. Their crew chief Jimmy Owens came over after qualifying and asked if I needed any help. Obviously he could tell I was struggling. Hats off to the whole Kimbrell Racing Crew for their help and sportsmanship.

Saturday was the first time I felt like I could actually keep the truck under me. I ended up finishing in 8th on Saturday and 12th on Sunday. I have been racing for a long time and if I can help someone not make the same mistakes I made or need help with parts or suggestions I'm always there to lend a hand. Some teams keep everything top secret but not in my pit. I'm a huge believer in KARMA and what goes around comes around. Congratulations to Austin Kimbrell and the whole Kimbrell Racing Team on your 1st place finish. All of us have been busting our butts since Firebird trying to make changes to the truck and prep all the other cars for Easter Jeep Safari, the Dirt Riot Race and family time.

Sorry for the late, somewhat of a press release. I haven't had time to sit down until now. Next up for the Campbell Racing/ProAm prolite team is Round 3 & 4 of the LOORS Series at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park/April 20-22. With a little luck we will have the set up dialed in.

A huge Thank you to Nick from Rugged Radios who came out and made sure the new radios were crystal clear. We look forward to working with you during the 2012 race season. I would also like to thank all of my sponsors for their support and superior product and my pit crew.