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FAQ and Basic Tech Support

 My mobile radio does not transmit as far as it used to.
 Make sure the radio is on high power. Also check your antenna to make sure it is seated all the way down on the NMO mount.
Mobile Radios
 The audio from the mobile radio only comes out the front speaker on the radio, not through the intercom system.
 Plug in the 3.5mm gold plug on the intercom/radio cable into the external speaker port on the mobile radio.
 When I listen to my intercom system the mobile radio comes through too loud?
 Turn the volume down on the mobile radio. The volume control for 2-way radio listening is only controlled by the radio.
 Can my intercom connect to a 24 volt system?
 NO! These intercoms are made to work with systems from 9-12 volts only. HIgher voltage will damage your intercom.
 My intercom system has ignition noise when engine is running.
 You may have a ground loop. Make sure your power for the intercom and radio are connected directly to the battery and not to a switch that maybe tied to the ignition.
 When I transmit through my intercom system the other car hears too much background noise?
 Adjust the radio gain on the back of the RRP600 intercom under the plastic cover. Turn counter clockwise one click at a time. Retest your transmit level until the desired level is reached. Be sure to replace plastic cover.
 How do I adjust my VOX/Squelch control?
 Simply rotate the VOX control clockwise until the mics are always live. Be sure to have the microphones as close to your mouth as possible. Then rotate the VOX control counter clockwise until the background noise goes away and the mics are off. Then speak into the mics. They should instantly turn on. If the background noise still turns the mics on, rotate the VOX control one click at a time until the mics turn off. Speak into the mics with a louder voice to turn on.
 Do I need an external amplifier for my Ipod in the Rugged RRP600 intercom systems?
 No! The Rugged RRP600 intercom and Rugged headsets are designed for audio performance. Simply plug your iPod into the front of the intercom and enjoy the music. Remember the volume for the iPod is controlled on the iPod.
 My push to talk will not plug directly into my intercom.
 The push to talk will need a CS-PTT-ADPT cable to adapt to the intercom.
 Can I use the push to talk on my headset for radio transmitting?
 Yes! If you use the CS-9-5P or CS-16-5P Rugged headset direct cables the headset PTT is now ready to use.