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Patrol PLUS
2-Way Communication Kit


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Rugged Radios Adventure Pack
RH5R Handheld RadiosRH5R Handheld RadiosRH5R Loud Firing Speaker Hand Mic
 Listen Only Lapel Mic 

✔ Grab and go pack ✔ No installation ✔ In-ear acoustic earpiece ✔ Speaker mic

For commercial work environments or professional race team use only.

The Patrol PLUS packs great performance in a versatile package for loud and clear communications.

The Rugged dual band (VHF/UHF) Handheld Radio boasts powerful performance in a compact unit that packs a long list of features.

The RH-5R operates on both VHF and UHF bands making it do the job of two radios in one! This versatility makes it your "go to" radio for any commercial work environment or Professional Race Team.

Listen to audio transmission through the comfortable acoustic ear piece and transmit over the hand mic attached to your pack strap. Features minimal cabling for quick and easy ride prep and operation.

Ideal for motorcycle applications and high noise environments such as job sites, construction, police, security and more.

This Kit Includes:
RH5R-V2 Radio
Speaker Hand Mic
Acoustic Ear Piece

Rugged Add-Ons

RH-5R High Capacity 3800mAh Radio BatteryRH-5R High Capacity 3800mAh Radio Battery
reg. $30.00  $24.00
 YOU SAVE: $6.00 

Dual Band Ducky Antenna for Rugged RH-5R Handheld RadiosDual Band Ducky Antenna for Rugged RH-5R Handheld Radios
reg. $30.00  $24.00
 YOU SAVE: $6.00 

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$155.00  $124.00
 YOU SAVE: $31.00 
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