RRP660 PLUS 2-Place Intercom with 60-Watt Car-2-Car and AlphaBass Headsets

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Part #660PLUS-2P-H28-60W
Rugged Radios 660 PLUS 2 Place Intercom with 60 Watt Radio and BASS Headsets
Rugged Radios 60 Watt RadioRugged Radios 660 PLUS Intercom with HeadsetsRugged Radios 660 PLUS IntercomWaterproof USB Charger

The ultimate communication and music system with AlpahaBass headsets. Connect two people with the RRP660 PLUS intercom, bass booming AlphaBass Headsets, powerful 60-watt RM-60 VHF radio and optional UTV specific Mount. Handle in-car communications and vehicle-to-vehicle with the best system available. Now in a convenient kit, you simply choose an optional UTV specific mount below and you're ready to go!

Intercom Features:

  • Built-in Bluetooth For Music & Cell Phone Streaming
  • High Output Amplifier for Bluetooth Functions
  • Music/Cell Phone Switch
  • Music Play/Pause & Cell Phone Connect/Disconnect Button
  • Audio Record Port
  • Double Stacked Knob for Volume & VOX Control
  • 2-Way Radio Ready
  • Auxiliary Port for Hardwiring External Devices
  • 2-4 Person Ready, Expandable up to 8 Places
  • RF Shielded Extruded Housing
  • Isolated grounds for eliminating ground loop issues
  • Includes Mounting brackets and hardware
  • Kit includes waterproof USB Charger

RM-60 Features:

  • 60-Watt VHF Band Mobile Radio
  • 20% more power than a 50-watt radio
  • 20~30 mile range
  • VHF: 150-174 Mhz
  • Dozens of preprogrammed offroad channels
  • CTCSS/DCS tone codes
  • 200 programmable channels
  • Hand mic
  • Adjustable power level
  • ...and more

Includes: Antenna, coax, and push-to-talk buttons

Based on the tried and true RRP660 Intercom, the new RRP660 PLUS offers wireless music streaming from any bluetooth device including your phone. Simply pair your device with the RRP660 PLUS Intercom and anyone that is connected can hear the music through the helmet kit. A high output amplifier provides high fidelity audio while using bluetooth devices.

The intercom's voice activation (VOX) will attenuate the music volume when someone starts talking and resume once the conversation has ended making this the ideal intercom for in-car communications between 2 to 4 persons with the ability to expand up to 8 places.

A play/pause button on the intercom’s front panel makes pausing the music a breeze and the music/cell switch allows you to answer your phone on the go.

Great for recreational offroading, the RRP660 PLUS is built inside the same RF Shielded Housing as other Rugged Intercoms making it compatible with our UTV specific mounts for RZR, Can-Am and Yamaha or one of our universal faceplates for sandcars, Jeeps and more.

With a Rugged stamp of approval for durability, the RRP660 PLUS will outperform your expectations with clear communications and easy music controls.

This RRP660 PLUS Intercom Kit features Dura-Link. The Dura-Link Seal is a new molded design now featured on all Rugged helmet kits to seal the connection between the intercom cable and helmet kit plug. The Dura-Link Seal protects the connection contacts from water, mud, and dirt which can affect audio performance.

RM-60 60-Watt VHF Radio

With 20% more power than the VX2200, the RM-60 VHF Radio packs 60 watts of power for maximum performance and distance. In addition to the long range capabilites, the RM-60 offers incredible features making it the new leader in VHF radio communications.

Simple operation and an uncluttered face makes the RM-60 easy to operate. With 5 front facing programming buttons, the RM-60 is easy to program and adjust functions. A loud top speaker provides clear communications and remains on even when connected to an intercom.

AlphaBass Headsets

Hear and FEEL the bass of the Rugged AlphaBass Headset with additional bass speakers not found in the typical offroad headsets. These speakers create a rich, full sound so when the bass hits you feel the boom. The combination of a bass speaker and a full-range speakers in each ear dome provides an incredible range of audio enjoyment. In addition to volume control, the AlphaBass headset has a bass control knob allowing you to turn the bass up when you want it or down when your communications take priority.

Each headset comes with a USB charging cable for a charge that will last over 12 hours. When the charge runs out the headset still performs normal communications but a new charge is required to get the full bass impact.

Lightweight carbon fiber prevents strain on the head or neck while breathable, leather ear seals and a deluxe head pad provide all day comfort. When not in use, the AlphaBass headset can be stored in the included headset bag.

Kit Includes:

Rugged Radios has created a basic installation guide to help with virtually any intercom and two-way radio installation. Please be sure to read the installation guide thoroughly to assure the best installation and performance of your equipment. Click here or on the image to download your guide.
The frequencies programmed into this radio are available for download. Frequency lists are password protected, so please call us toll free at (888) 541-7223 to request access. Once you obtain the password, click here or on the image to download your frequency list.

Can I add more headsets or helmet kits later?

Yes. You can add either at any time. You can even add a mix of headsets or helmet kits if desired. Our H22 Ultimate and H42 Ultimate headsets will connect immediately to the cabling within this kit. If you have a standard H42 Headset (5-pin port right on the headset eardome), you can connect that as well using a #CC-OFF adapter cable.


Can I connect a 2-way radio later?

Yes, this can be added anytime. However, you should keep in mind that complete kits (listed here) with a 2-way radio offer increased savings when purchased as a complete kit. In addition, you will most likely need a mount that houses both your intercom and radio. Installation and mounting might be easier to tackle in one complete system than spreading it out over time and increasing installation labor.

If you decide to add a 2-way radio later, visit our Car-2-Car page. These kits are specifically designed to connect to your intercom and integrate with your system.

Do I have to push a button to talk?

For in-car communication among passengers, no. However, when you add a Car-2-Car Kit (2-way radio kit for your intercom), it will come with Push-to-Talk buttons for the driver and co-driver. You will then be required to push the button to talk vehicle-to-vehicle. All in-car communications still remain hands free.

Ground Cable for Intercom & RM60-V Mobile RadioGround Cable for Intercom & RM60-V Mobile Radio
reg. $9.00
Sale: $8.10
YOU SAVE: $0.90 

Tag Kit for Intercom CablesTag Kit for Intercom Cables
reg. $7.50
Sale: $6.75
YOU SAVE: $0.75 

Intercom Pigtail to Radio Power CableIntercom Pigtail to Radio Power Cable
reg. $15.00
Sale: $13.50
YOU SAVE: $1.50 

Leather Ear Seals for AlphaBass HeadsetLeather Ear Seals for AlphaBass Headset
reg. $45.00
Sale: $40.50
YOU SAVE: $4.50 

Weatherproof KitWeatherproof Kit
reg. $28.00
Sale: $25.20
YOU SAVE: $2.80 

WM1 Wireless Music Interface For 6 PinWM1 Wireless Music Interface
For 6 Pin

reg. $100.00
Sale: $90.00
YOU SAVE: $10.00 

Waterproof USB Port Kit for IntercomWaterproof USB Port Kit for Intercom
reg. $39.95
Sale: $35.96
YOU SAVE: $4.00 

Audio Filter for Radio & IntercomAudio Filter for Radio & Intercom
reg. $38.00
Sale: $34.20
YOU SAVE: $3.80 

Baja BootBaja Boot
reg. $35.00
Sale: $31.50
YOU SAVE: $3.50 

Basic Radio & Intercom Install Harness with Rocker SwitchBasic Radio & Intercom Install Harness with Rocker Switch
reg. $40.00
Sale: $36.00
YOU SAVE: $4.00 

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Retail Price: Starting at: $1,978.65
Sale: $1,780.79
YOU SAVE: $197.87 
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