CB Maxrad Antenna

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Part #CB-1/4W

CB Maxrad Antenna

Heavy duty base loaded 1/4 wave CB antenna. Operates in the 27-31Mhz frequency range and delivers reliable performance for both transmission and reception. With a power rating of 200 watts and a low-loss interior coil form, the Maxrad antenna is an excellent choice for CB operators.

Heavy Duty design withstands high vibrations and shocks like those associated with offroad use.

For use with standard Moto style NMO mounts.

Frequency Range27-31Mhz
Connector TypeNone
Gain0 dB
BandwidthSame As Frequency
Power (watts)200
Whip MaterialTapered Stainless Steel
Whip Length52" @ lowest frequency
Base StyleNMO Style
Mount StyleNone
Connector TypeNone
Warranty2 Year

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Retail Price: $55.00
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