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Warning Tone Generator

Part #SR-WTG

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Warning Tone Generator

A must for Fire Safety Vehicles, the WTG can give an audible tone for low pump or air brake pressure, engine overheating or any other fault output from the apparatus control electronics. This information is critical to the pump panel operator. The SR-WTG works with both active high and active low fault systems. It can be used universally with any existing intercom with a slight cord addition.

The WTG is inserted inline between the Two-Way radio adaptor and the Intercom or IMSA car harness. With up to (3) separate fault inputs, a beeping tone will be heard by the Driver and Co-driver if a situation such as low oil pressure, high engine temperature, or alternator charging failures occurs.

Using a standard Velcro or Hole-Mount PTTs, the SR-WTG also features a "snooze function" that turns off the warning tone for a specified amount of time once the problem is isolated. A separate snooze switch can be easily attached.

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