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Trail Rider Kit (with RH-5R Radio)


Retail Price: $195.00

Rugged Radios RH-5R Trail Rider Accessories Kit

Rugged Radios RH-5R trail rider accessories kit with the popular RH-5R radio. This kit allows you to mount the RH-5R 5-watt handheld radio to your dash or roll bar and use it like a mobile radio.

The included large ducky antenna helps increase range, while the battery eliminator makes sure you always have power to the radio.

This kit is perfect for Jeeps, Toyota Trucks, 4x4 vehicles, trail vehicles, ranch vehicles, or even a motorhome where you might be traveling with a group of friends. Get rid of that CB radio, and get a RH-5R Radio today! 

Kit Includes:

Trail Rider 5R Kit for RH5R Handeld Radio


Rugged Add-Ons

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