RH-5R 5-Watt Dual Band (UHF/VHF) Radio Kit

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Part #RK-RH5R
RH-5R Radio Kit
Rugged Radios 5W Handheld RadioRugged Radios 5W Handheld Radio

Yes, a 5-watt Radio Kit is possible! Easily connect to any of our intercom kits to complete an in-car setup. This great option is perfect for those looking to communicate with friends and family on the trail within a 2-3 mile range.

Installation is a snap with the included radio-to-intercom adapter. Simply plug radio and cables into your intercom and you're good to go!

Also included in this kit, is a long-range ducky antenna for a little extra radio boost. Make this package complete with additional accessories found below.

5-watt RH-5R provides 2~3 mile range.
• Long range ducky antenna
• 6' Jumper Cable
• RH-5R Mounting Bracket

Connecting to an intercom? Be sure to add your Push-to-Talk-Buttons below. Coil cord version is used for the driver while the straight cord version is used for passenger.

HD Coil Cord Velcro PTT for Rugged Radios IntercomsHD Coil Cord Velcro PTT for Rugged Radios Intercoms
reg. $50.00

RH-5R High Capacity 3800mAh Radio BatteryRH-5R High Capacity 3800mAh Radio Battery
reg. $30.00

Battery Eliminator for RH-5R Handheld RadiosBattery Eliminator for RH-5R Handheld Radios
reg. $20.00

RH-5R and RH16C VHF External Antenna KitRH-5R and RH16C VHF External Antenna Kit
reg. $105.50

RH-5R Handheld Radio BatteryRH-5R Handheld Radio Battery
reg. $20.00

HD Straight Cord Velcro Mount PTTHD Straight Cord Velcro Mount PTT
reg. $50.00

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Retail Price: $162.00
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