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RRP800 Fire / Safety Intercom Dual Radio 4 Place Fire Truck Kit

Part #800-4P-OTH

Retail Price: $2,592.80

Dual Radio 4 Place Fire Truck Kit

Rugged Complete 800-4P Fire / Safety Intercom System

Powerful clear communications, rugged design, and quick and easy to install! Rugged 800-4P Fire/Safety intercom system with the easy locking cables, connect 2 positions to two radios and a cell phone and 2 crew intercom positions. Dual Radio connection ports with independent audio gain controls allow installer to dial in any radio manufacture’s mic level perfectly. Handhelds or mobiles the transformer based connections accept any input configuration.

Kit Includes:

  • RRP800 dual radio intercom
  • Three15 ft. Quick Lock™ easy install connections cables
  • Two Engineer jack boxes with dual radio A/B push to talk
  • Dual crew Quick Lock™ jack box
  • Four 5 ft. headset coil cords
  • Four Rugged H11 Over the Head headsets with noise cancelling mics

The Rugged 800-4P system is easy to install and performs in the most extreme conditions. Easily expand to your vehicle with Rugged's full range of additional accessories.


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In Stock2,592.80Rugged RadiosKits for Fire / Safety Vehicles Part #800-4P-OTH
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