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RRP696 2-Place Intercom System with Alpha Audio Helmet Kits

Part #696-2P-HK

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RRP696 2 Place Helmet Kit Intercom System

Rock while you ride with the RRP696 Bluetooth intercom. Simply pair your device with the RRP696 Intercom and anyone in the vehicle can hear the music through their headset or helmet kit. A high output amplifier provides high fidelity audio for the best in music enjoyment.

Enhanced music controls allows you to shuffle through your music playlist while driving on your favorite trail. You can play, pause, skip tracks, answer a phone call and hang up — all from the faceplate of the intercom!

All in-car communications are hands-free, allowing driver and passengers to talk easily between each other. With auto music dimming when speaking, the RRP696 makes clear conversation easy! With the VOX setting, you can adjust what speaking volume level activates your mic and dims your music for clear conversation.

Pairs well with LeadNav and other Bluetooth audio navigation systems.

Included with this kit are two PTT (push-to-talk) buttons for use with optional 2-way radio (not included). With Rugged Radios built-in quick-connect cabling, adding a 2-way radio for vehicle-to-vehicle communications can be done at any time.

Easy, convenient, and powerful — the RRP696 Bluetooth intercom delivers outstanding audio performance with a full range of easy-to-access controls while you're on the trail.

RRP696 Intercom Features:

  • Built-in Bluetooth for music streaming and cell phone conversation
  • Hands free voice activated in-vehicle communication
  • Set VOX volume threshold to activate your mic for in-car communication
  • Keep your phone tucked away safely and use faceplate controls to manage your music
  • Music play/pause/volume/skip/call answer/call end buttons
  • Double stacked knob for volume and VOX control
  • 2-way radio ready
  • Connect optional cable to rear AUX port to record intercom audio to GoPro or other device
  • Ports for 4 headsets/helmet kits, expandable to 8
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Kit Includes:

What is the VOX setting?

VOX (Voice Activated Switch) is an adjustable setting available on most intercoms that controls how easily the mic activates with your voice at a set volume level.

If listening to music, the VOX setting will automatically dim the music for clear voice communication.

Can I add more headsets or helmet kits later?

Yes. You can add either at any time. You can even add a mix of headsets or helmet kits if desired.


Can I connect a 2-way radio later?

Yes, this can be added anytime. We call this a "Radio Kit" as it includes the radio, antenna, and antenna cable. Our most common and popular radio kit can be found here which offers 60-watts of power for a range up to 30 miles depending upon terrain and line of sight. In addition, you will most likely need a mount that houses both your intercom and radio. Pro Tip: Installation and mounting might be easier to tackle in one installation that includes your radio and intercom than spreading it out over time and increasing installation labor. To use a radio, you will also need a push-to-talk button for the driver and co-driver (may already be included with your intercom kit).


Explain the push to talk button...

For in-car communication among passengers, all communication is hands-free. You do not need a PTT (push-to-talk) button. However, when using a Radio Kit (two-way radio to talk with other vehicles), you are required by FCC rules to push a button to transmit out. All in-car communications still remain hands free. Your intercom kit might include PTT buttons for future use with an optional 2-way radio, but they are not required for "in car" communication between driver and passengers.

Can I use a mix of helmet kits or headsets with this kit?

Yes. Although the kit may come pre-packaged with either helmet kits or headsets, the connections are the same, so you can mix and match your preferred listening device to accomodate yourself or your passengers.


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Sale: $813.75
 YOU SAVE: $271.25 
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