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RM-45 UHF 45-Watt Mobile Radio

Part #RM45-U

Retail Price: $325.00

RM-45 VHF 45-Watt Mobile Radio
RM-45 UHF 45-Watt Mobile Radio Mounting Bracket

The RM-45 UHF Radio packs 45 watts of power for maximum performance and distance. In addition to range, the RM-45 offers incredible features making it the new leader in UHF radio communications.

Simple operation and an uncluttered face makes the RM-45 easy to operate. With 5 front facing buttons, the RM-45 is easy to adjust functions.

The RM-45 has more features than you'll probably ever need, but all these options are what makes the RM-45 such a strong and versatile 2-way mobile radio.

Frequency Range:
• UHF frequency


  • Powerful 45 watts of power
  • 20~30 mile range
  • DCS/CTCSS tone code capable
  • Channel scan
  • Adjustable squelch
  • Channel edit
  • Tone code scan
  • Adjustable power level
  • Vehicle voltage indictor
  • Time-out-timer
  • Busy channel lockout
  • more...


  • 5.5"W x 7.5"D x 1.5"T


  • UHF RM45 Radio
  • Hand Mic
  • U-Bracket
  • 6' power cable with inline fuse
  • Mounting hardware
  • Owners manual



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By agreeing to the terms of use, I understand use of the radio I'm purchasing is restricted to commercial work or professional race operations. Furthermore, I am aware of the transmission of radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields while using this radio. It is my responsibility to exercise control over RF exposure and will comply with all RF exposure and training requirements set forth in the user manual for this radio.

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