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Heavy Duty Speaker Hand Mic Compatible with Mot, HYT, Black Box (Clearance)


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Heavy Duty Speaker Hand Mic Compatible with Moto, HYT, Black Box

The Rugged Speaker Hand Mics are built tough for heavy duty applications. The unit features a conventional side-mounted Push-to-Talk button for ease of operation. Also features a loud front-firing speaker and an earphone jack for additional headset or ear piece accessory options.

The Rugged HM also has a Panic Button which can be used to trigger panic or other functions (if the feature is supported by your two-way radio.) Check the radio programming for details about enabling this feature.

Built to last in your extreme environments such as Police, Fire/Safety, Emergency Services, Security, Racing, Industrial, Security, Heavy Equipment Operators, and other places where you need to be heard.

  • Loud front firing speaker
  • Tough Polyurethane coil cord
  • 3.5mm ear phone accessory jack
  • Easy grip Push To Talk
  • Large 360 degree rotating clip
  • Clear noise canceling mic

Compatible With Moto Handheld Radios:
CP100, 150, 200, CT150, 250, 450, 450LS
GP2000, 300, 308, 68, 88


PR400, P040, 080, 110, 1225, 1225LS, 200
PRO3150, SP10, 21, 50, XTN446, 500, 600

XV1100, 2100, XU1100, 2100, 2600??

Compatible With HYT Handheld Radios:

Compatible With Black Box Handheld Radios:

Not Compatible with any Rugged Branded Radios including the RH5R, V3 and RDH16C.

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$35.00  $20.00
 YOU SAVE: $15.00 
In Stock35.00Rugged RadiosHytera HYT Part #HM-MOT-CL
Shipping Weight: 2lbs