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Inline Adapter Cable for Nitro-Bee PLUS


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Inline Cable for Nitro Bee PLUS
Nitro Bee PLUS

Race Receiver Nitro Bee

This optional adapter cable allows you to use a two-way radio and the Nitro Bee PLUS at the same time. It also activates the radio override feature in your Nitro Bee PLUS allowing Race Ops to be heard over all other radio chatter. This cable connects to your radio jumper and car harness using 5-pin connectors on either end as well as plugging into both audio ports on the Nitro Bee PLUS. This set-up allows you to hear both the Nitro Bee PLUS and a two-way radio using a single ear piece.

Nitro Bee PLUS not included.

Inline Cable for Nitro Bee PLUS

Rugged Add-Ons

Nitro-Bee PLUS Single Channel UHF Race ReceiverNitro-Bee PLUS Single Channel UHF Race Receiver
reg. $125.00

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