RH-5R and RH16C VHF External Antenna Kit

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External Antenna Kit for Handheld Radios

Extend the range of your RH-5R or RH16C handheld radio inside your vehicle with this external VHF antenna kit.

Popular for short track, circle track, and short range adventures. Included is a BNC adaptor specifically built for your RH-5R or RH16C radio and provides easy and instant connectivity to your antenna.

Kit Includes:

  • VHF 1/2 Wave Antenna (144-174 MHz)
  • 13' coax cable with NMO Mount and BNC Connector
  • #BNC-ADPT-HYT BNC Antenna Adaptor


Antenna Ground Strap for NMO MountsAntenna Ground Strap for NMO Mounts
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Retail Price: $105.50
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