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RM-60 VHF Mobile Radio with Fiberglass Antenna Base Kit


Retail Price: $465.00

100-Watt VHF Radio With Fiberglass Antenna
RM60-V 60-Watt RadioPowerful Fiberglass Antenna

This ultimate basecamp kit brings the power of a 60 watt radio and the performance of a fiberglass antenna to achieve huge communication distances up to 30 miles depending upon terrain.

Whether you're duning with your family in Glamis, riding deep into the trails for a weekend of fun, or working the pits in Baja, this kit will keep you in contact.

Combining the powerful 60-watt VHF RM60 radio with a high performance fiberglass antenna, this kit has just what you need for a long range base camp setup. Designed to work with a flag pole, the included fiberglass antenna will get you an estimated 20% more range out of your radio.

In addition to the long range capabilites, the RM-60 offers incredible features making it the new leader in VHF radio communications.

Although not required, for optimal performance a ground plane is recommended.

RM60-V Features:
• Powerful 60 watts of power
• 20-30 mile range
• DCS/CTCSS tone code capable
• Channel scan
• Adjustable squelch
• Channel edit
• Tone code scan
• Adjustable power level
• Keypad lockout
• Hand mic
• Vehicle voltage indictor
• Time-out-timer
• Busy channel lockout

Fiberglass Antenna:
• High performance
• 200 watt power rating
• Low SWR and broader band
• Provides about 20% more coverage over standard whip antennas

Kit Includes:
• RM60-V 60-Watt VHF Radio
• Fiberglass Antenna
• 35' of heavy duty coax cable

Works best with optional Telescoping Flagpole

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Please note - the reference for weight on this product is not accurate. The weight is set at 80 lbs to accurately represent shipping costs for the radio and oversized package (antenna) via FedEx and UPS.

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