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Throat Microphone


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Throat Microphone

The Rugged Radios tactical throat mic incorporates solid technology developed from military, SWAT, police and first responder applications.

Your voice audio is detected through neck vibration and transmitted with minimal ambient or background noise for outstanding acoustic performance. Your transmissions are clear and crisp, providing reliable communication.

The Rugged Throat Mic connects easily to your handheld radio via a Mini Din connector. We've shown a Mini Din connector in the photo for illustration purposes only. It is not included. Since Mini-Din connectors are radio specific, this item must be ordered separately from THIS LINK.

Throat Mic Features:
• Acoustic ear tube for low profile and comfortable listening.
• Inline PTT button with volume control.
• Unlike other brands, the Rugged Radios Throat Mic also includes 3.5mm earphone jack to plug in ear bud speakers or other standard 3.5mm audio connection.

The Rugged Radios Throat Mic is perfect for military applications, police, SWAT, Airsoft, paintball, concerts, nightclubs, bouncers, security, and other high-noise manufacturing, surveillance and security applications.


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