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Power Cord for Rugged Mobile Radios w/12 Volt CLA


Retail Price: $30.00

Power Cable for Rugged Mobile Radios

Mobile Radio Power Cord with 12V Cigarette Lighter Adapter

This unique power cord provides quick and easy power connections for chase vehicles, base camp, and other applications. Simply plug into your cigarette lighter and mobile radio for instant power.

Power cord features two built-in 15-amp fuses. Works with all Rugged Radios' brand Mobile Radios (excluding RM25R-WP).

Although it is recommended to run power straight to the battery, this unique power cord provides valuable convenience. Should you choose to wire straight to the battery, you can simply cut off the 12V adapter and run the wires directly to your battery terminals.

• 6' 6" length
• 12 gauge wire
• (2) 15-amp fuses

Also fits Vertex radios and most other radio brands

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