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Rugged Radios ABH7 6 Place Bank Charger

Part #BANK-6-ABH

Retail Price: $105.00

Rugged Radios ABH7 Bank Charger
Rugged Radios ABH7 Bank Charger

This 6-Bank charger is for Rugged Radios ABH7 Amateur Band Handheld Radio.

This 6-Bank Charger provides easy and convenient radio management by providing a central location to charge up to 6 radios at a time.

Individual indicator lights make it easy to discern which radios are charging from those fully charged:
-Red light indicates the radio is charging
-Green light means the radio is fully charged

Stay in control of your radios, know where they are, know who's checked them in and out, and keep them charged and ready to go.

It's the smart way to manage your investment.

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