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RH-5R PRO Bank Kit


Retail Price: $978.00

Rugged Radios PRO Bank Kit
Rugged Radios 5W Handheld RadioRugged Radios 5W Handheld RadioRugged Radios 5W Handheld RadioRugged Radios 5W Handheld Radio


Rugged Radios 5W Radio Battery ChargerBoost battery life by double and range by 30% of each radio with this RH-5R PRO Bank Kit. Includes six RH-5R handheld radios, six extended range ducky antennas, six 3800 mAh battery packs, and bank charger!

The Rugged Radios RH-5R dual band (VHF/UHF) Handheld Radio PRO Bank Kit. The RH-5R boasts powerful 5 watts of performance in a compact unit that packs a long list of features! The RH-5R can operate on both VHF and UHF bands making it do the job of two radios in one! This versatility makes it your "go to" radio for everything you need!

RH5R Features :
Click here for the full RH5R product description and features.

6 Radio Bank Charger:
The included 6-Bank Charger provides easy and convenient radio management by providing a central location to charge up to 6 radios at a time. Supports INCLUDED high capacity batteries for the RH5R.

Individual indicator lights make it easy to discern which radios are charging from those fully charged:
    -Red light indicates the radio is charging
    -Green light means the radio is fully charged

Stay in control of your radios, know where they are, know who's checked them in and out, and keep them charged and ready to go.

It's the smart way to manage your investment.


Package Includes :
• (6) RH5R Handheld Radios
• (6) Standard Antennas
• (6) Dual Band Long Range Ducky Antennas
• (6) Standard Batteries
• (6) Extended Capacity Batteries
• (6) Belt clips
• (6) Single radio AC base station chargers
• (6) Lapel Mic and Ear Piece
• (1) Six Radio Bank Charger for RH5R



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