Firecom Style 5 ft. Headset Coil Cord

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Firecom 5-Conductor Coil Cord for Firecom Intercom

Quick Lock™ headset coil cords easliy lock to the Fire / Safety headset and plug into popular fire department and safety crew intercom systems.

Works with 5P Firecom Style Jacks and other systems such as Firecom, AVCOMM, David Clark, Sigtronics, and other fire intercom systems.


  • Molded 5P Firecom Style plug
  • Total shield RF blocking
  • High bend test coil cord
  • Quick Lock™ 5 pin headset plug
  • Approximately 5' coiled

Firecom to 5-Pin AdapterFirecom to 5-Pin Adapter
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Retail Price: $69.95
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