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AlphaBass Headset w/ Offroad Cable

Part #H28-AB

Retail Price: $359.00

H28 AlphaBass Headset

RRP 660 IntercomRRP 660 IntercomRRP 660 IntercomRRP 660 Intercom

The AlphaBass Headset offers high quality acoustics to enjoy your music over the roar of an engine.

Hear and FEEL the bass of the Rugged AlphaBass Headset with additional bass speakers not found in the typical offroad headsets. These speakers create a rich, full sound so when the bass hits you feel the boom. The combination of a bass speaker and a full-range speakers in each ear dome provides an incredible range of audio enjoyment. In addition to volume control, the AlphaBass headset has a bass control knob allowing you to turn the bass up when you want it or down when your communications take priority.

Each headset comes with a USB charging cable for a charge that will last over 12 hours. When the charge runs out the headset still performs normal communications but a new charge is required to get the full bass impact.

Lightweight carbon fiber prevents strain on the head or neck while breathable, leather ear seals and a deluxe head pad provide all day comfort. When not in use, the AlphaBass headset can be stored in the included headset bag.

The AlphaBass headset has a 5-Pin connection so no matter what your application just select the appropriate 5-pin cable. A dynamic noise cancelling mic drowns out any background noise for crystal clear communications and a full-flex mic boom offers the flexibility you need.

Put it on, crank it up, and hold on. The audio performance you've been waiting for has arrived.

(2) Powerful Bass SpeakersAlphaBass Headset
(2) Midrange SpeakersHeadset Bag
User Adjustable Bass ControlCharging Cable
User Adjustable Volume ControlOff-Road Plug to 5 Pin Adapter Straight Cord
Carbon Fiber Construction 
Leather Ear Seals 
Deluxe Comfort Headpad 
Adjustable Stainless Steel Headband 

Rugged Add-Ons

Off-Road Plug to 5 Pin Adapter (Coil Cord)Off-Road Plug to 5 Pin Adapter (Coil Cord)
reg. $50.00

Medium Storage BagMedium Storage Bag
reg. $40.00

Leather Ear Seals for AlphaBass HeadsetLeather Ear Seals for AlphaBass Headset
reg. $45.00

iPhone to 5-Pin Headset CableiPhone to 5-Pin Headset Cable
reg. $40.00

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