HX370 / HX400 Long Range Antenna with BNC Connector [#VHF-DUCKY-BNC, #BNC-ADPT-VX]

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Simple convenience kit combines a long range antenna and BNC adaptor for HX370 / HX400 handheld radios.

By adding this antenna, you increase your transmit distance, maximizing the range and performance of your VHF handheld. For outdoors, offorad racing, larger distances — the VHF Ducky is the best choice!

The custom made 1/4 wave No Ground Plane antenna combined with the included BNC adaptor, makes the perfect chocie for everyone with an HX370 / HX400 VHF handheld radio.

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Retail Price: $57.50
In Stock57.50Rugged RadiosHandheld Radio Antennas Part #VHF-DUCKY-VX
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