Pyrotect UltraSport Helmet Wired OFFROAD (Clearance)

$609.00 $500.00

The Pyrotect UltraSport helmet is a SA2020 rated helmet perfectly designed for off-road, circle track or kart racing. The unique mid air inlet location allows for better airflow to the shield which helps clear fog or dust and allows for more head room in the vehicle which can become a major safety issue.

Wired for offroad, this helmet features an installed Rugged Radios Alpha Audio Helmet Kit for clear audio performance and communications.

The elevated location of the mid air inlet doesn't push air into the front facing microphone allowing for clearer communication.

For the ultimate fresh air experience the UltraSport pumper helmet should be paired with a MAC3.2 Air Pumper System.

The Pyrotect UltraSport helmet is unmatched by the competition. it comes with a unique six pad interior system which allows for resizing the helmet for a perfect fit along with corrugated ridges which allows for better heat transfer to keep you cooler and reduce fogging.

The UltraSport helmets are vacuumed bagged and autoclave cured for superior helmet strength and durability while keeping the helmet's light as possible.

• Wired with Rugged Radios Helmet Kit
• Designed with a Composite Tri Weave
• Threaded inserts ready for most neck restraint devices
• Stainless Steel hardware and a Kevlar chinstrap
• New Head Liner air channel design for better adjustability
• Removable six pad headliner and cheek pad system for cleaning and easy resizing for a perfect fit
• .125 Polycarbonate shield with tear off post
• Rubber eye port seal
• Compatible with Racing Optics or Ultra Shield tear offs
• Large eye port offers greater visibility
• M6 inserted for head neck restraint devices
• Great aerodynamics
• Fire retardant Nomex interior
• Snell SA2020 rated
• Flat black finish

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