Day of Hope: August 4, 2021

Each year Mission Hope Cancer Center in Santa Maria, CA hosts a very special Day of Hope - a massive local fund-raising campaign that helps families all over the Central Coast struggling with cancer. Mission Hope uses the funds raised on Day of Hope throughout the year to provide a variety of services, including pre and post-op care, counseling, and cancer treatments. Mission Hope is saving lives! 

We have a special connection to Mission Hope because of our own Rugged family member; Taryn. If you've ever called Rugged Radios, you may have had the pleasure of talking to Taryn - she's the real deal. Taryn tells it like it is, and she's incredibly knowledgable about Rugged products and offroad communications. She'll make sure you have what you need before hanging up! We are all-in for Taryn, and we are proud to support her Day of Hope team.

As Day of Hope approaches we want to share her story, and some of the other stories from survivors behind the cause. This is what it's all about, and this is why we support Mission Hope. 

Taryn Timothy - Santa Maria, Ca

Hi everyone, my name is Taryn Timothy and I am from Santa Maria California. On March 13, 2019 at 34, I was diagnosed with stage three ductal carcinoma HER2 positive breast cancer.  I began my treatment at Mission Hope shortly after being diagnosed. I underwent six rounds of two different kinds of chemo. I finished a whole year of hormone therapy and lastly 6 full weeks of radiation. I had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction and a preventative oophorectomy.

Mission Hope has become my second family. It is a place where we go to get treated, but also a place where I have made lifelong friends. Mission Hope has provided me with grants and assistance to help me get through the crazy journey of cancer.

From providing a social worker, therapist to talk to, and all kinds of classes that help you get through the day-to-day trials.

Donating to Mission Hope means they can continue to treat anyone in need. Donating will allow them to continue to give grants, gas cards, rent assistance, or even cover utilities payments. It provides them the time to focus on patients and make sure they are getting the proper care they need. Please help and give to Mission Hope. I owe them the world. They gave me my life back.

Stay tuned for more stories in the weeks to come!

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