In the world of offroad communications, there are two big players in the frequency band game: GMRS and Business Band. We offer complete UTV communication kits with either a GMRS or Business Band radio that include everything you need to start talking. Our vehicle-specific dash mount for the radio & intercom sets our kits apart, offering a clean, finished looked to your comms install. 

But which frequency band is right for you and your friends: GMRS or Business Band?


General Mobile Radio Service is the solution for recreational communications! GMRS is easy to use and walkie-talkie compatible, allowing you to talk to any GMRS and FRS handheld radio on the market. Also, GMRS band radio frequencies perform exceptionally well in heavily wooded areas, making them great for adventures in any environment with obstructions; including canyons, mountains, and forests.

Examples of Use:

• UTV Recreation

• Overland

• Jeep

• Hiking & Adventure

GMRS is popular for recreational and general public use across the United States, and is especially prevalent in the Mid-West and Southeastern states. 

GMRS License is required and easy to get: Click here.


Business Band

Professional race teams exclusively use Business Band radios to communicate. It's the standard for offroad desert racing! Business Band is also a great solution for professional agriculture and farming operations.

Examples of Use:

• UTV Offroad Racing

• Professional race teams

• Commercial & industrial

• Agriculture

If you’re an offload desert racer in the Southwestern United States, Business Band radios are the solution! We recommend using FIT to license your own race frequencies for optimal performance and communication on race day.

FCC License is required to operate business band. Click here to learn more.


Still not sure what radio to use?

Give our expert sales team a call! We are here to help: (888) 541-7223

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