GMRS: Radio Service For Everyone

Whether you're wheeling on the weekend, taking summer RV excursions, or all about that van life, GMRS radios keep you talking when cell phone service isn't possible. With the included 22 GMRS channels, you'll have universal connection to all other GMRS radios; meaning you can talk to the other walkie-talkies, both GMRS and FRS. GMRS is easy to use and doesn't require programming, making it the perfect radio service for anyone.

Because they are so widely available, GMRS radios are a great solution for any application. Families and weekend warriors alike should consider GMRS for keeping in touch.

What Is GMRS?

The General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is a licensed radio service for short-distance, two-way voice communications. If you walk into any department store and purchase a walkie-talkie, you likely just purchased a GMRS or FRS radio.

GMRS frequencies operate in the UHF range which perform better in wooded environments, around town, or any situation where there are obstructions. Read our blog post for more information on VHF vs UHF.

What Is FRS?

Family Radio Service (FRS) radios use the same frequency range and channels as GMRS, but operate at a lower power and do not require an FCC license to use. Because of the wattage restriction, the usable range of FRS is limited.

Why Rugged GMRS?

In short, Rugged Radios mobile GMRS radio offers superior range on channels 15-22. The FCC regulates transmission wattage on a per channel basis, and our GMR45 radio takes full advantage of this fact.

  • Channels 1-7 are limited by the FCC up to 2 watts of power for FRS transmissions and up to 5 watts for GMRS.
  • Channels 8-14 are limited to 0.5 watts of power on both FRS and GMRS.
  • Channels 15-22 are where things get very interesting, and where our mobile radios really shine.

In this channel range, FRS can transmit at 2 watts, but a GMRS mobile unit is allowed a whopping 50 watts of power on mobile units! If you need to transmit while in a remote location, these channels will allow maximum wattage during transmission. During an emergency situation, this can be critical. Our GMR45 mobile radio can fully utilize the 45 watts of power for well over 20 miles of transmission range. The GMR25 is a waterproof 25-watt GMRS radio that offers incredible range and rugged performance.


GMR45 Mobile Radio



GMRS Waterproof Mobile Radio
Mobile Radio or Handheld?


If you're using the radio in a vehicle, a mobile radio is the best option. Our large external antenna provides range that isn't possible with a handheld unit. The mobile radio is powered directly by the vehicle's battery and therefore will always have power. Best of all, our GMRS mobile radios are compatible with any GMRS handhelds and walkie-talkies are readily available in most retail stores.

The store-bought handheld GMRS radios will only get you so far, and offer limited range and variable quality, but the increased power of our mobile unit will keep you talking well outside the range of normal walkie-talkies.

To summarize, Rugged Radios mobile GMRS radios offer:

  • Superior range over handhelds
  • Better performance and less interference using a large external antenna
  • Reliable power from car battery
  • Walkie-talkie compatibility
Do I need a license? 

A license is required to operate GMRS radios. It's simple and relatively inexpensive to obtain the GMRS license and the license legally covers everyone in your immediate family. Click here to follow along with our step-by-step guide to getting your GMRS license.

Have questions about which radio is right for you? Give us a call, we're here to help: 1-888-541-7223

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