We're Here for the Racers!

MINT 400

We're Here for the Racers!

MINT 400

Rugged Radios: Official Communications of the Mint 400, the Great American Off-Road Race

Rugged Radios is proud to be a part of the Mint 400 as the Official Communications of the Great American Off-Road Race!

We brought an army of race support team members, service trailers, and technicians to ensure racers were dialed-in and ready to race. Rugged Radios offers industry-leading customer service to consumers and dealers along with industry-leading products. Like every event Rugged Radios attends, we offer the highest level of race & technical support by bringing our A-team.

Three Generations of Cottrell Family Class 11 Racers

This year's race was a special year for Rugged Radios as Jaden Cottrell, son of Rugged Radios President and Founder Greg Cottrell, competed in the Mint 400 as co-driver for 4-time winner Robert Johnson in his #1110 Class 11 car. Jaden is the third generation to compete in Class 11, a family racing history that spans the last 50 years for the Cottrell family. Greg's father, Mel, competed in Class 11 in the 1970s and '80s. Greg last competed in 2015, and now Jaden has his first race under his belt in 2022. Simply put, racing is in the DNA of the Cottrell family and influences every Rugged Radio product that is developed and produced.

Three Generations of Class 11 Racers:
Greg Cottrell, Jaden Cottrell, and Mel Cottrell

Before the big race, Greg stated:
"I am excited to watch my son Jaden compete in this event as the third generation of Cottrell racers in the Class 11 cars, especially in an event where Rugged Radios is the Official Communications company. The Mint 400 is an incredible race, and we are excited to continue hosting the official Driver Meet and Greet, connecting some of the biggest names in the sport with their fans. Our support team is here in mass and ready to offer world-class support to the Mint 400 competitors" The Mint 400 has held the title as the toughest, most spectacular off-road race in North America since 1968, when it was first run. Initially, the race was a public relations event promoting the Mint Hotel's annual deer hunt. But what started as a hotel promotion soon became a legitimate desert race. Since its 2008 revival, 'The Great American Off-Road Race' has only gotten more prominent and prestigious, with deeper fields of the best drivers in offroad racing, it only makes it more challenging and more impressive for winners at this event. We are looking forward to an amazing race week at The Mint 400!"

Jaden Cottrell, co-driver for Robert Johnson
in the 2022 BFGoodrich Mint 400

Inside the Johnson Racing Class 11 Car with Jaden Cottrell & Robert Johnson

Jaden got a full dose of off-road racing co-driving for Robert Johnson in the Rugged-sponsored #1110 Class 11 car in a very eventful—and dusty—start to the race.

This is what Jaden had to say about his first race:
"For my first race, the Mint 400 was a very memorable experience. I wouldn't have asked for anything to be different. We may not have finished, but being able to partake in a legendary race was something I will never forget."

9th Annual Rugged Radios Driver Meet & Greet

One of the longest-standing opportunities to interact with the world's top off-road racers returned to the Mint 400 with our 9th Annual Rugged Radios Driver Meet & Greet. Race fans met sponsored Rugged drivers that were in our booth hanging out, signing posters, and taking pictures on March 10 on Fremont Street, downtown Las Vegas.

Thirty-six racers in four hours and it was nothing short of a whirlwind out at the 2022 Driver Meet & Greet, with 20-30 mph gusts ripping through the Mint 400 Off-Road Festival and threatening to take canopies for a ride down Fremont Street. The event was still a big success, and fun was had all around by fans, racers, and staff alike.

Mia Chapman, Josh Cobb, Wes Miller, Ryan Piplic, Maddie Wedeking, & Chaden Zane Minder

Blake Wilkey, Chris Isenhouer, & Nick Isenhouer

Brook Jensen, Nicole Johnson, Kristen Matlock, Eva Star, Cadence Cowan, & Lacrecia Beurrier

Greg Cottrell, Tim Hall, Nick Nelson, & Loren Healy

Jack Grabowski, Troy Grabowski, Dustin Grabowski, Jeremy McGrath, & Rhowan McGrath

Dustin "Battleaxe" Jones & Brook Jensen

Thank you to all of the racers that came to hangout with the Rugged Family!

Session 1: Jaden Cottrell, Max Gordon, Chris Isenhouer, Nick Isenhouer, Kristen Matlock, Bryce Ronsonet, Blake Wilkey
Session 2: Lacrecia Beurrier, Trevor Beurrier, Cadence Cowan, Brook Jensen, Nicole Johnson, Dustin "Battleaxe" Jones, Angie Mitchell, Eva Star Session 3: Dustin Grabowski, Jack Grabowski, Troy Grabowski, Tim Hall, Loren Healy, Tony Nolen, Jeremy McGrath, Rhowan McGrath, Nick Nelson, Faith Prosser, Ryan Prosser
Session 4: Jim Beaver, Mia Chapman, Josh Cobb, Kaden Danbury, Wes Miller, Chaden Zane Minder, Ryan Piplic, Dexter Warren, Maddie Wedeking, Ruslan Yankelivich

"We're beyond excited to announce our expanded relationship with Rugged Radios"
- Matt Martelli, Mint 400 CEO

Matt Martelli, Mint 400 CEO, stated this about Rugged Radios leading up to the Great American Off-Road Race:
"We're beyond excited to announce our expanded relationship with Rugged Radios, the new Official Communications of the BFGoodrich Tires Mint 400, Just like Rugged Radios is committed to providing top-notch communications for many of the biggest names in our sport, they're also committed to making sure that the countless fans who visit the Mint 400 Off-Road Festival on Fremont Street each year can meet those drivers before they hit the racecourse with the Rugged Radios Driver Meet & Greet, one of the coolest parts of the entire Mint 400 experience. Martelli concludes: "Be sure to visit the Rugged display to check out not only the Driver Meet & Greet but also all of their products on display—and be on the lookout for more Rugged content throughout the coverage of this year's event!"

Industry-Leading Communications & Race Support

When Greg Cottrell started Rugged Radios, he set out to revolutionize the offroad communications industry.That dream grew into the communications giant that Rugged Radios is today—manufacturing communications for Work, Race, and Play. Rugged Radios builds its products to be rugged and tough, engineered with the finest components, using our proprietary technology that exceeds other brands. We're passionate about communications, and our product line reflects our dedication to helping our customers Go Further®.

Whether you're ripping through Baja in your UTV, hitting the single track with your friends on the weekend, or taking flight in your Cessna, you need communications you can trust. With nearly 30 years of experience in manufacturing communications for high noise environments, Rugged Radios boasts a full line of top-notch products. From the races to industrial job sites and agriculture to fire & safety, Rugged Radios offers Communications For Any Environment.

The Cottrell Legacy. Three Generations of Class 11 Racers

"Taking off of the start line was one of the coolest things I've ever experienced in my life. We had a pretty crazy lawn dart right off the first jump, that definitely caught our attention and everyone else's."
-Jaden Cottrell

Being a third generation Class 11 racer comes with a sense of excitement that not only your father, but also your grandfather can relate to. The adrenaline you feel just before the clutch is released is a build up of hard work, dedication, and commitment to see it through.

Experiencing the tech line, testing before the race, and then the line up and eventual takeoff off from the start line, are all key moments that Jaden Cottrell will remember FOREVER.

The ability to claim that your first "official" race was The Mint 400, the toughest and most spectacular off-road race in North America, makes the youngest Cottrell an iconic new figure in the racing world. He wasn't only feeling the pressure to live up to his legacy, but to also make 4-time winner Robert Johnson proud as a co-driver. Even though the race was cut short for them due to issues with the Class 11 car, Jaden was able to make everlasting memories with Johnson and learn a thing or two about patience and race course safety.

When asked what race he most wanted to partake in, it seemed the answer was obvious. Without a second of thought he responded:

"The Baja 1000!"

Like the two generations before him, he has a bright future ahead, filled with hard work, and determination.. He is a rockstar in the sales department of Rugged Radios, and enjoys learning everything and anything that can better the future of the company.

More information on the event for racers and spectators is available at TheMint400.com, or follow the event on Rugged Radios Facebook and Instagram!

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