Rugged Radios: Your Jeep GMRS Communications Solution

Rugged Radios: Your Jeep GMRS Communications Solution

Whether you belong to a Jeep club, go overloading, or just hit the dirt roads with your friends, it is important that you have the right radio to use on your travels - communication is key! CB, GMRS, HAM, and Business Band are all options, and each has its advantages and benefits. Learn which radio is right for you, and your adventures!

Which radio is right for me?

CB Radio:

The CB (Citizens Band) radio is not new to off-roaders. Jeepers and Jeep Clubs have been using CB radios since the 1970’s as a simple and inexpensive form of communication. However, the necessity to tune your antenna, low power, limited range, and the lack of a good hand-held CB (walkie-talkie) all make this an antiquated option with a modern solution; GMRS.

GMRS Radio:

GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) is the modern version of CB radios. This is quickly becoming the radio of choice, and the replacement for CB among Jeep Clubs, Jeepers, and Overland enthusiasts alike. GMRS is similar to CB in that the channels are universal amongst brands/models, and simple to use. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) requires that GMRS users purchase a license, but there is no test to take and the license covers you and your immediate family for 10 years. The fee for a GMRS license is only $35 as of April 19, 2022. Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to get your GMRS license.     

A benefit to using GMRS is the availability of quality handheld radios. Vital for spotters on technical sections, or to equip the guy in the group that isn’t prepared, walkie talkie style radios are a must-have for a lot of off-roaders.

The Rugged GMR2 features an optimized transmitter with tuned antenna providing long range performance in the palm of your hand.

What really sets GMRS apart from CB is the power output. The FCC allows 4-watts of output power for CB and a maximum of 50-watts for GMRS mobile radios.

The Rugged GMR25 is our waterproof GMRS mobile radio that is built to take on the elements. Perfect for Jeeps, UTVs, and other open-cab vehicles. With a 10-12 mile, real-world range, the GMR25 is a popular choice for clear reliable communications in all environments.


The Rugged GMR45 is our industry leading 45-watt GMRS mobile radio. This powerful GMRS radio is perfect for closed cab vehicles and base camps. Customers have regularly experienced over 15 miles of real world range.

GMRS is an all-around option for Jeeps, Overlanders, and Adventurers. This simple to use, clear signal, and far-reaching power allows you to easily communicate with other GMRS users.

HAM Radio:

Why not use HAM aka Amateur Band? For most Jeepers, Jeep Clubs, and weekend warriors, HAM radios are a bit overkill. The FCC requires a license that is dependent on passing a test. These licenses are user-specific, and the test generally requires a course and a bit of studying to pass. For most radio users, GMRS is a much simpler option to acquire dependable communications.

Still not sure what radio to use?

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