We're Jeepin' | Easter Jeep Safari 2021 with Darren Parsons and Nick & Chris Isenhour

We're Jeepin' | Easter Jeep Safari 2021 with Darren Parsons and Nick & Chris Isenhour

 “MOAB: Most Omnipotently Amazing Beautiful…”

Moab is an amazing place with massive sheer cliffs, miles of serpentine slick rock, and seemingly endless miles of offroad trails. Simply put, it’s Disneyland for Jeeps and the entire offroad community.

We caught up with Darren Parsons and the Isenhour brothers, Chris and Nick, at Easter Jeep Safari. These guys are used to tearing through the dirt in the world of offroad desert racing, so for them, Moab was a completely different experience than the high speed, rear-wheel drive, shredding they are used to. The slow, technical rock-crawling presented a fun, new challenge that the boys fully embraced.

We asked Nick to compare the two: “What we normally drive, the front wheels don’t have any power to them. So this is like a whole new thing for me."

Chris added, “Normally we’re doing 65-100mph and you get sketchy real quick and you just keep going - here (with Jeeping) you’re just sketchy the entire time.”

One of the highlights was watching Darren in his Cherokee, ripping his way right up Hell’s Gate without hesitation.

We asked Darren about Moab and he had a unique perspective to offer...about dinosaurs.

“My expectations for Moab were the sights, but the only thing I can really think about are dinosaurs…If there were dinosaurs around right now, I wouldn’t be doing this. In fact, I would probably be on my radios tellin’ everyone, hey guys there’s a T-rex. Turn around ‘cuz you might get ate.” 

If you’ve never been to Moab, put it on your shortlist. See you next year at Easter Jeep Safari!

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