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15' Coax Right Angle Cable with Male Ends

Part #UHF-M2M-15-RT

Retail Price: $30.00

15' length antenna coax cable with convenient 90° right angle coupler on one end. This makes it easy to install to the back of your radio when little clearance is available.

Specifically developed to work wth the NMO Bulkhead, this cable features Male-to-Male ends to connect to your Bulkhead and radio.

Don't let the part number fool you. This will work for VHF and UHF radio setups just fine.

Rugged Add-Ons

15' Coax Cable with Male Ends15' Coax Cable with Male Ends
reg. $25.00

NMO Bulkhead with UHF Female ConnectorNMO Bulkhead with UHF Female Connector
reg. $15.00

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Retail Price: $30.00
In Stock30.00Rugged RadiosAntenna Coax Cables Part #UHF-M2M-15-RT
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