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Rugged Radios RH-5R, Kenwood 2-Pin Coil Cord Listen Only 3.5mm for Handheld Radio


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Coil Cord Listen Only 3.5mm for Rugged RH-5R Handheld Radio

Listen to your Rugged Radios RH-5R, RDH16C or Kenwood 2-Pin radio through your headset with this 3.5mm coil cord.

Simply plug in the 2-pin connector to your radio and the single 3.5mm connector into your headset and now you're listening to radio traffic! So simple, so easy!

This specialty cable is compatible with Kenwood and Rugged Radios RH-5R or RDH16C 2-pin handheld radios.

Rugged Add-Ons

H20 Over The Head 'Listen Only' HeadsetH20 Over The Head 'Listen Only' Headset
reg. $59.00

H40 Behind The Head 'Listen Only' HeadsetH40 Behind The Head 'Listen Only' Headset
reg. $75.00

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In Stock39.95Rugged RadiosHandheld Radio Audio Cables Part #CC-KEN-LSO
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