Rugged Radios offers contingency to anyone racing in any of the series below that meets a few requirements. Contingency offered by Rugged Radios is in the form of store credit and is redeemable through Rugged Radios only. No cash value. Non transferable. Upon submitting this form and approval, Rugged Radios will mail stickers to you. After stickers have been applied, you must submit photos of the vehicle with sticker placement to

Check all series you will be competing in for Rugged Radios contingency. If your series isn't listed, please check the 'Other' box and list your series. We will reply with a contingency value for most recognized sanctioning bodies.


    • Rugged Radios product must be in used on the race vehicle (Min. 1 product)

    • Race vehicle must display official Rugged Radios decals

    • One decal on each side of vehicle in visible location

    • Decal cannot be modified or covered in any way

    • Must have decals on vehicle during tech and contingency

    • Must have decals on vehicle during the entire race

    • Minimum (5) entries per class must compete

    • No competitor decals displayed on race car

    • Must submit contingency claim online for each race within 30 days after the race day

    • New decals will be provided if needed - please email

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