Headset Coil Cord for Midland Handheld Radios

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Complete your communications system with this handheld radio jumper for Midland Radios. The CC-MID cable allows you to connect a Midland Handheld Radio to our intercom kit or single seat race harness via the 2-pin connector.

This jumper works with:
• X-Talker, T71VP3, T290VP4, T295VP4, T77VP5, T75VP3, T55VP3, T31VP, T10
• Will work with the  MXT-275. Works with the standard Dynamic mic and does not require any adjustment to polarity.

The GXT1000 requires an electret microphone (PN: M350-E-ADJ)

Note: Electret microphones are polarity sensitive.  If no microphone audio is heard, reverse the polarity and re-test.

Other Midland radios may also require an electret microphones.