CONNECT BT2 Bluetooth Headset for Motorcycle Helmet

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Seamlessly connect your phone to your helmet with our lightweight Bluetooth Headset

The Rugged Connect BT2 uses the latest Bluetooth technology that quickly and easily connects to your phone for incredible music streaming, convenient GPS navigation, and seamless phone call conversations. Enjoy the ride and stay connected!

High Fidelity Stereo Music
Rock while you ride!
The latest generation Bluetooth technology combined with Alpha Audio Speakers will take your music listening to a new level.

Voice Activated Commands
Take control!
Voice activated commands allow riders to play music, send messages or place calls. Stay focused, simply speak.

Bluetooth Audio Priority
Never miss a turn!
Turn-by-turn navigation will always have priority even when connected to 2-Way radios or other audio sources.

Digital Speech Processing
Clear at 65!
Digital speech processing provides crystal clear audio during phone calls. Background noise is canceled so only the rider's voice is picked up.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Bluetooth with InstaPair
  • High Fidelity True Stereo Music
  • Simple to use Ergonomic Controls
  • Loud Alpha Audio Speakers 
  • Fast Easy Installation
  • Quick charge Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Voice Activated Commands
  • Go Further with optional 2-Way radio for bike to bike intercom

Note: iOS and Android compatible


Adventure On The Weekend

No pairing. No cell service. No mesh network - no problem!

Connectivity For Miles
Using our powerful, compact, walkie-talkie compatible handheld radios, you can connect an unlimited number of riders and reliably communicate 1-3 miles or more - well beyond the range of any current Bluetooth models available!

Simply Turn On & Talk To Others
Simply put your radios on the same channel and start talking. No pairing is necessary, no mesh network is used, and even if the Bluetooth headset runs out of battery our proprietary design allows you to continue to talk through your handheld radio. Spend less time getting setup and more time riding!


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