NecksGen REV2 LITE Head & Neck Restraint

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NecksGen is the leader in head and neck restraint safety. The REV2 Lite is NecksGen's ultimate head and neck restraint safety device.

The brand new REV2 Lite for 3" shoulder harnesses has advanced features that elevate it to new found levels of comfort. It has no frontal yoke, so there's no pressure on the body or collar bone. The thin design gives full range of head motion with no front or rear interference with your helmet. In addition to the features above, the REV2 Lite adds a new adjustable tether system, rubber grip pads, and higher belt guides to keep everything locked in place during multiple impact situations.

The REV2 Lite caries the same level of protection and certifications as the NecksGen Original and REV while weighing a mere 1.2 lbs.

Proudly made in the USA, NecksGen REV2 Lite restraints are offered in two sizes to accommodate all drivers and sizing requirements. The entire package includes quick release helmet hardware, tool kit, and bonus decals.


The medium 3″ REV2 Lite is NecksGen's most popular size. Works with 3″ shoulder harnesses and fits up to a 6″ wide neck comfortably.


The large 3″ REV2 Lite is made with bigger drivers in mind. Works with 3″ shoulder harnesses and fits drivers with necks wider than 6″ comfortably.

All NeckGens REV2 Lites are SFI Foundation 38.1 Spec Approved

**Notice** NecksGen's REV2 Lite comes with free recertification for SFI 38.1 Spec. See their website here for details.

Helmet is not included.