Side Mounts for Rugged Mobile Radios and Intercom


Side Mounts for Rugged Mobile Radios and Intercom

The side mount bracket offers the ability to mount both the RM60 / GMR45 Mobile Radio and Rugged Radios intercom together in a convenient mount system that doesn't utilize precious dash space.

The two side mounts bolt on easily using the hardware supplied with your intercom and radio.

Once assembled, simply use the large U-Bracket from your RM60 to mount the assembly from above or below for desired mounting preference.

The side mount bracket assembly makes mounting your communication system easy while providing other mounting alternatives for your vehicle.

Works with:

  • RM45 Mobile Radio
  • RM60 Mobile Radio
  • GMR45 Mobile Radio
  • RRP362 Intercom
  • RRP660 Intercom
  • RRP660 PLUS Intercom
  • RRP696 Intercom
  • RRP5050 Intercom
  • RRP6100 Intercom

      Radio, Intercom, and U-Bracket not included!

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