VHF Fiberglass Base Camp Antenna

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Boost your radio range by over 20% 

Adding this VHF Fiberglass Base Camp Antenna enhances the transmission and reception performance of your race radio! For race teams looking to improve overall communications performance over long distances, this Fiberglass Antenna is the perfect addition for your base camp, chase truck, or pit crew.

For even better performance, elevate the antenna by adding a telescoping flagpole to improve line of sight with your race vehicle.


  • High performance, 200 watts power rating
  • Low SWR and broader band.
  • Weatherproof
  • Flag Pole Mounting Bracket
  • High Gain
  • Mast diameter accepted is 1-3/16" to 2-7/16" - UHF Connector.
  • We recommend using this 35' HD coaxial cable with this pole.
  • Works best with optional Telescoping Flagpole

Height: 6' Tall (single piece)

Gain: 4.5dB / 6.6dBi

Click here to view the VHF Fiberglass Base Camp Antenna Data Sheet.